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    What is market justice in healthcare?

    What is social and market justice?

    Market justice in healthcare is a set of ethical ideals based on an underlying view of how markets function. If market justice can be achieved in all market transactions, then health care would be distributed fairly among individuals. Market justice in healthcare is an extension of social justice, since health care is a social product and should be distributed according to individual needs. In other words, market justice means that people pay the true cost of their treatments and that need rather than ability to pay weighs more heavily on how health care resources are allocated within a free-market system.

    Market justice is the ethical idea that the market is morally just, or unjust. If market justice exists, then markets can be justified and used to allocate scarce resources. Market justice implies a set of principles for how goods and services should be priced and distributed in a free-market system. Under conditions of full compliance with these principles, we might say that a market outcome is just. Market justice principles are often compared to the common notions of fairness and distributive justice in social settings.

    Market justice has been described as “a theory of social organization that is based on individuals’ inviolability and their fundamental equality of worth, which implies the existence of a minimum level of goods necessary for human subsistence.” Others have defined market justice as “the use of free markets to facilitate distribution according to need.” Market justice means that everyone has the same access to health care, irrespective of their income. Another aspect of market justice is that market transaction should be voluntary and should benefit both parties.

    Market justice principles include:

    The United States stands out as an example of a country where market justice is not fully achieved. Despite the United States’ reputation as a free-market economy, there are many places where market justice principles are violated. For example, economist Amartya Sen argues that health care should not be provided according to ability to pay because individuals may suffer from “illusions of choice” when trying to make appropriate health care decisions and select the best provider. Sen also suggests that we should not confuse availability of medical resources with access to those resources, because market mechanisms may result in fewer medical resources being available if they are not distributed according to need.

    market justice and us health care

    International trade agreements such as GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) and FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) have been criticized for promoting economic models that are at odds with market justice. The terms of these trade agreements include requirements that member states remove any imperfections in their health care systems, which could include publically-funded universal access to medical services. Market justice principles suggest that the removal of imperfections may result in an inability to achieve just distribution of resources. Market justice principles also suggest that it may be unjust to involve markets in the policy and health care decision-making process, because markets fail to recognize individuals’ differences and can be used to justify discrimination.

    Examples of nursing justice in healthcare

    Healthcare providers should be keen to address inequalities in healthcare, which are rooted in market-justice principles. Healthcare providers should provide “a safe, caring environment for all clients regardless of social standing.” When possible, healthcare providers should implement policies that will ensure health care access during economic downturns so that the most vulnerable populations are not disadvantaged even further by economic conditions.

    Healthcare providers should ensure that marketing activities do not violate market justice principles. For example, a pharmaceutical company should not misrepresent the safety and effectiveness of its products, because patients may be unable to make informed decisions about their health if they are misled by advertisements. It is also important for healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive the medications or treatments they need as opposed to those that are the most profitable. One way healthcare providers can ensure that market justice principles are upheld is by implementing policies that will protect patients’ social determinants of health, such as income stability and access to affordable housing.

    Examples of nursing justice in practice

    For example, when caring for a patient who has suffered from discrimination experienced at her employment, the nurse may advocate on the patient’s behalf to ensure that she is made whole in her career.

    When caring for a patient experiencing homelessness, it is important for nurses to be aware of social determinants of health, such as food security and access to affordable housing. They should also consider how the patient’s living situation might affect their health, and how they can best be supported during times of illness or stress.

    market justice healthcare

    Nurses play a vital role in allowing patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options by providing information regarding the effectiveness of different medications and interventions, particularly when multiple options are available. In this way, nurses ensure that patients have an equal opportunity to make informed decisions about their health care.

    • All nurses and patients should be treated with respect.
    • Nurses and doctors should work together for the best interest of their patients.
    • Individuals who are disadvantaged in society should have access to healthcare.
    • All people deserve equal access to healthcare regardless of their income, race, gender, etc.
    • Economic status does not determine the quality of healthcare patients receive.

    The United States stands out as an example of a country where market justice is not fully achieved. Despite the United States’ reputation as a free-market economy, there are many places where market justice principles are violated. For example, economist Amartya Sen argues that health care should not be treated as a market commodity because people have different needs and abilities. Sen also discusses how the human rights of vulnerable populations, such as those living with disabilities or mental illness, can be violated under a profit-oriented health care system.

    In some cases, government intervention has been shown to provide more equitable access to healthcare for individuals with disabilities and injuries that arise as a result of violence. This is the case in the United States, where federal legislation such as The Americans with Disabilities Act and The Violence Against Women Act have been promulgated to ensure that those who experience these injuries receive appropriate care and support.

    Additional examples and concepts of market justice and social justice principles being violated include:

    – Cancer patients suing pharmaceutical companies for deceptive advertisements that misled them into thinking certain drugs could completely cure their disease.

    – Pharmaceutical companies preventing the government from negotiating lower drug prices, resulting in higher healthcare costs for patients.

    – Insurance providers denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions, or charging them significantly high premiums for coverage.

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