Posted: December 7th, 2022

NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post

NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post

I think I have a rather interesting perspective with this week’s subject, as a few quarters ago I did my preceptorship here at my workplace for one of the required bachelor level courses and I ran into some quirks with regards to data availability and nursing informatics.  While I was not aware of the term at the time, the concept of nursing informatics as using data and computer science to improve or streamline the practice of nursing (McGonigle, 2017) was really the heart of the task given to me in the task for the class.  However, despite obtaining pre-approval to do my preceptorship here at work, I found a complete wall put up in front of me with obtaining the necessary data to complete my project.  Fortunately, my instructor was able to let me just continue my work in theory as the project was not something that we had to enact to complete the class, but it was frustrating to say the least.  So, apparently, the MN DHS is VERY guarded with its data, and this makes the work of nursing informatics very difficult within the organization NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post.


Now that I have worked here a year longer, I see this trending continuing, often with nurses being left out of the decision-making process.  This means that projects, procedures and policies that could benefit from nursing informatics can be stymied from nursing input.  Very unfortunate.  What is fortunate, however, is I am told that this difficulty does not necessarily extend to all of DHS and may actually be a more local attitude.

With respect for proposing ideas to improve the use of nursing informatics, Mosier and Englebright suggest in their research that facilities adhere to 3 principles:  clearing defining who is responsible for a proposed project, ensuring that all applicable professional disciplines are part of the project and finally ensuring that all the overall goals of the project are kept in mind throughout the entire process of implementing the project (2019).  I think that my facility could greatly benefit from nursing informatics, and by following the above principles, nurses and the data and experience we have to bring to a policy or procedure will not be left out of the design and implementation NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post.  Finally, nursing informatics can help with assessing and evaluating projects to see if the policies and procedures implemented are having the desired impact on patient care (Sipes, 2016).  This is especially important at my facility, as it has been my personal experience that policies and procedures are implemented, but follow up is not conducted to see if they are working or are in fact better for the patients than pre-existing policies.


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