Posted: December 28th, 2016

What are some workarounds you’ve had to learn?


Prompt 1

Microsoft Office—The Ribbon

When you open Microsoft Word (or any Office application) you will notice the ribbon across the top, broken into Groups or Tabs. In the Groups or Tabs, there are individual icons – also called Commands. Choose 3 icons/commands (one from three different Groups/Tabs) on the ribbon that you feel are the most useful and explain why. In addition, choose at least one icon/command that you feel you will not use and explain why.

Prompt 2

Microsoft Office – The Evolution

If you have experience using Office for a number of years now, share with us some of the changes you have noticed as the applications have evolved. You can talk about enhanced capabilities, changes in navigation, frustrations in learning to use a new interface, problems with sharing files between old versions of the software and new versions of the software. Remember that ‘Office’ encompasses Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc…so you can talk about any of those applications in your post.

Prompt 3

Just for you Mac users…:)

Things work and look a little differently in Office on a Mac than on a PC. Mac users – talk about some of the differences you intially noticed when switching from a PC to a Mac. What are some workarounds you’ve had to learn? If you’ve run into issues using Office on your Mac, share those as well.

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