Posted: November 8th, 2016

why do you have an interest in this issue?

Select a current issue in nursing that is of interest to you. Try visiting the “Take Action” page on the″>ANA (″> for a list of current issues and more information on how to take action on this topic. Use the information from the ANA site or your research to write a letter in business letter block format to your government representative. Your letter should include the following: Introduce yourself and your background – why do you have an interest in this issue? Who are you writing and why are they the best person/agency to help address this issue? What is the background of the issue? Briefly discuss the pertinent facts surrounding the issue and why you feel it is important. You may use the information provided on the ANA website and other appropriate sources, but it must be paraphrased/written in your own words. What action would you like them to take? This may be supporting/cosponsoring a specific bill, removing their support from a specific bill, or another action. Discuss how you plan to follow up with them and thank them for their time. You will answer questions later in the course based on the responses you have received from the official. A letter should be 2-3 pages, not included cover page and reference page.  GRADING RUBRIC FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT  Letter contains introduction, background, interest in this issue 0points 8points Includes why you selected this person to write to 0points 4points Provides background of issue 0points 6points Describes requested/proposed action 0points 8points Describes a plan for follow up 0points 8points Follows business letter format 0points 6points

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