Posted: December 17th, 2016

utorials familiarizing you with some basic functions of Microsoft PowerPoint


In this Unit you have completed tutorials familiarizing you with some basic functions of Microsoft PowerPoint. For this assignment, you will gain practice using those skills by formatting a PowerPoint presentation and uploading it to this Drop Box.

*The information you place in the presentation should pertain to your assigned topic for the Comprehensive Project. Use this assignment as an opportunity to practice and/or start the PowerPoint section of your Comprehensive Project.

To complete this assignment:

Start with a new, blank, PowerPoint presentation.
Apply the following formatting:

Add text to all slides (Each slide should have a title and at least 3 bullets of information).
Be sure to adhere to the 6 by 6 Rule for all slides
Add some Notes in the Notes pane or by using the Notes Pages view
Insert a Picture on at least one slide
Insert clip art on at least one slide
Insert a text box on at least one slide
Insert a SmartArt Graphic on at least one slide
Use at least 3 different layouts – please be sure that the layout fits the content on the slide
Apply a theme
Choose a standard color scheme (other than the default)
Choose a standard font (other than the default)
Choose a standard background style (other than the default)
Apply Transitions to all slides. Use two different transitions.
Apply Custom Animation to at least two slides.
Include a References slide for the last slide of the presentation.
You should have a minimum of 8 slides (this includes your Title and References slides – so 6 slides of content).
Your presentation should be polished, professional and complete (as if you were going to give an actual presentation with your completed PowerPoint slides).

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