Posted: January 25th, 2017

The type of supervised practice (DI, MS/DI Combined, DE, ISPP?) – Dietetic internship (DI)

Dietetic Internship Search

Use the information we have discussed in class about dietetic internships to search for a minimum of five. You are encouraged to fill out this information for each internship you find that you are interested in for your own personal reference. Please organize information into a table. For each of the internships selected, please indicate:

i have done with this assigment but i need to correct some this qestions

The formal title – University of Incarnate Word Dietetic Internship

2. The type of supervised practice (DI, MS/DI Combined, DE, ISPP?) – Dietetic internship (DI)

3. The location – San Antonio, TX

4. The emphasis (or concentration) – Diversity of Nutrition Care

5. The division of weeks/hours into different sectors of nutrition – 13-21 weeks Clinical, 12-16 weeks Community, 7-12 weeks Management

6. The duration of the program – 32-49 weeks

7. The cost of the program and the cost to apply – $45 to apply (program and grad application fees) and $10,135 for tuition and program fees

8. Top 3 ranked criteria – refer to PDF (work experience, total GPA, etc.) – from page 780 – 1 DPD GPA, 2 – Work experience, 3 – GRE

9. The method to apply (using DICAS or mail) – DICAS

10. The number of open positions & the number of applicants last year – 48 applied last year; 12 were accepted

All the information you need for each internship is in the Applicant Guide PDF

I will give you the questions and responses for the UIW program for you to use as an example. Look to see where I am finding this information on the PDF and use it as a reference for your other programs. The information below for UIW can be found on pages 778-780 in the Applicant Guide.
application/pdf icondietetic_internships-2.pdf
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document icondietitian_internship_programs.docx

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