Posted: July 7th, 2016

5. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Theory of Human Caring

Human, health , nursing, environment, chose 1 and use ten sentences for the first question

number 2. use 15 sentence using caritas biomedical technology. example , how will you use this process to help a patient who his having an mri or surgery. the ten caritas process, you only talk about two in 15 sentence.

Upon reflection of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring:

1. What concepts from her theory have you found as important to your future nursing practice, and why? (Respond in at least ten sentences for this question)

2. In a world that embraces, the biomedical technolological healthcare environment, how will you use caritas processes in your nursing practice in this environment? Please give two examples (Respond in at least 15 sentences for this question).

Theory of Human Caring

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