Posted: November 4th, 2016

Culturally diverse needs of the Filipino population.

Filipino population in the United States 1. Using Purnella’s cultural assessment model, develop a care plan related to the culturally diverse needs of the Filipino population cultural group.

Include 3 (Hypertension, High cholesterol, and Diabetes) as the highest priority health care needs.

Use an interdisciplinary approach including community resources, governmental organizations, non­for profit organizations, outreach centers, religious organizations and hospital provided community activities and professional associations like nursing and health care associations.

Identify other Health Care Professionals (ex. Nutritionist, homeopathic physician) that should be included in your plan (interdisciplinary)

2. Please include in your discussion concepts related to:

Does the culture seeks preventive or acute treatment?

Magicoreligious healthcare beliefs

Traditional practice

Individual responsibility for health

Barriers to health care like: language, prejudice, poverty, surgery, the role of the ill.

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