Posted: November 4th, 2023

“Thank God It’s Friday” from CAMELTOWN / Jan Beddegenoodts

1) watch a short documentary and then 2) write a reflection.

1. Watch this documentary (below). I would like you to make notes as you watch it.

Trigger warning: contains disturbing content about conflict, deprivation and violence. [contact the instructor for an alternative assignment]

Link to documentary:

Check out “Thank God It’s Friday” from CAMELTOWN / Jan Beddegenoodts on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at

2) Write a minimum 350-word reflection and submit below. In order to get maximum points, I want you to i) write a 100-125 word summary of the documentary, ii) reflect on your feelings as you watched it (50 words or so), iii) reflect on what lessons do you think we can learn about subjectivity from the documentary (100-125 words or so; give at least 1 example from the documentary), and iv) in 100-125 words or so, discuss how ignorance in perceptions is a motivated process (i.e., people’s subjectivities are representative of power structures; I want you to think about occupation, dispossession, and settler-colonialism–search online for this term).

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