Posted: July 14th, 2016

Radiation treatment (XRT) for squamous cell carcinoma T4NOMO.

40 days of radiation treatment

Allen is an 86-year-old gentleman undergoing 40 days of radiation treatment (XRT) for squamous cell carcinoma T4NOMO of the base of tongue (BOT). He is receiving concurrent chemotherapy. He presented with a sore throat as well as swallowing difficulties and discomfort. These symptoms had become progressively worse over the past year.

Based on Mr. S. Allen’s case study, answer the following questions.

Beginning with dysgeusia, list the nutrition alterations that contributed to Mr. Allen’s decreased food intake.

For each problem, list possible interventions you recommend to minimize the negative effects on his food intake.

What is the most meaningful way to evaluate his weight loss? Do the necessary calculations. Consider his usual body weight (UBW), his weight at the beginning and at the end of his 8 weeks of treatment. How will you classify his nutritional status based on his weight loss?

When writing your response, follow APA style guidelines. Remember to briefly summarize your findings in two pages or less.


From the textbook: Grodner, M., Long, S., & DeYoung, S. (2003). Foundations and clinical applications of nutrition: A nursing approach (3rd ed). St. Louis, MI: Mosby. read:

Nutrition in Cancer, AIDS, and Other Special Problems

40 days of radiation treatment

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