Posted: November 28th, 2016

What is the single MOST important way to stop the chain of infection?

Question 1 of 20 When a person quickly arises from a seated position, he or she becomes weak and dizzy. This may be a sign of ________. Question 2 of 20 Knowing the exact body region where pain is located can help a physician determine the ________. Question 3 of 20 MOST fevers are the body’s way of ________. Question 4 of 20 The ________ vertebrae are located in the neck. Question 5 of 20 To avoid getting an infection, your FIRST defense is ________. Question 6 of 20 Cyanosis is usually the result of low levels of ________ in the blood. Question 7 of 20 A body in the prone position is facing ________. Question 8 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points By placing your fingers at the T5 vertebra, you can locate which organ? Question 9 of 20 What is the single MOST important way to stop the chain of infection? Question 10 of 20 Deep leg veins are a common site for thrombi to form that can break away and travel to the ________. Question 11 of 20 The normal heart rate for an adult is ________ beats per minute. Question 12 of 20 What directional term would you use to indicate the wrist if the shoulder is your point of reference? Question 13 of 20 The cause of a disease is called its ________. Question 14 of 20 ________ is the branch of medicine which studies the characteristics, causes, and effects of disease. Question 15 of 20 The term tachycardia means ________. Question 16 of 20 The adjustments that maintain a stable environment within the body are known as ________. Question 17 of 20 The chemical operations occurring within the body that are necessary for conversion of nutrients are known collectively as ________. Question 18 of 20 The skin is ________ to the bones. Question 19 of 20 Pain in the _______ quadrant can be a sign of appendicitis. Question 20 of 20 The body uses feedback loops to maintain homeostasis. The response that opposes an action is known as a(n) ________.

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