Posted: May 25th, 2018

review Quantitative Research Critique Guidelines

Below is a description of the assignment for scholarly inquiry. The text book for the class is Burns and Groove’s Practice of Nursing Research 8th ed. I will attach the syllabus witch has the grading rubric for this assignment as well.

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The knowledge you gain from this module will be evaluated as you complete the Research Critique 1 PowerPoint project (using a quantitative research report that is a peer -reviewed scholarly article chosen in a topic of interest for your clinical practice.

This is a formal presentation using APA format, to include title page and reference page. Refer to the course syllabus and review Quantitative Research Critique Guidelines to guide the development of your presentation. Follow categories for development of your slides with one or two slides per content area (this will give you approximately 16-32 slides). Review the research critique 1 rubric in the course syllabus.
Use headings and subheadings that make sense. For example Introduction, Hypotheses or Research questions, Literature Review, Methods: then subheading under methods to address framework, IRB approval, research design, population and sample, data collection methods, measurements (tools), procedure, Then a heading for Results, Discussion, Implications, Conclusion then end with researcher credibility and your summary.

Length of the presentation is 16-32 slides, excluding the reference slide. Therefore the length will depend on how you formulate the content to address all aspects from the resources in your syllabus. Scholarly writing is succinct. Review chapter 3 in the APA manual 6th ed. for writing clearly and concisely.

Here is an example of a quantitative research report that is a peer -reviewed scholarly article (not to be used for your critique):

Koc, Z. & Cinarli, T. (2015). Cervical cancer, human papillomavirus, and vaccination: Knowledge, awareness, and practices among Turkish hospital nurses. Nursing Research, 64(6), 452-465. doi: 10.1097/NNR.0000000000000125

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