Posted: December 15th, 2016

What does the result of the confidence interval say about the HbAlc values of the diabetes patients at this clinic?


Week 6 Health Application assignments

Part I

A researcher believes a risk exists between the strain to human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and the risk of cervical cell abnormalities. In a random sample of 130 biopsies, 20 are negative, 44 are CIN I, 32 are CIN II, 24 are CIN III, and 10 are CIS. In the same sample, one person is HPV negative, 92 are HPV positive with the low-risk strain, and 37 are HPV positive with the high-risk strain.

Identify the null hypothesis.
The study reports the association between the type of HPV infection and cervical cell abnormalities has a p-value of 0.06. If the alpha for the study is set at 0.05, what should the researcher conclude regarding the null hypothesis? Why? What does this say about the relationship between HPV infections and cervical cell abnormalities?
If the researchers decided to set this pilot study’s alpha at 0.10 instead of 0.05, what would the researcher conclude about the null hypothesis (p = 0.06)? How does the change in the alpha value alter your explanation on the relationship between HPV infection and cervical cancer?

Part II

Data from 155 patients at a diabetes clinic include measures of their HbAlc (a measure of how blood sugar is controlled). The mean HbAlc value is 8.2, with a standard deviation of 1.3.

Compute a 95% confidence interval using the above data.
What does the result of the confidence interval say about the HbAlc values of the diabetes patients at this clinic?

Part III

Assume 41% of people have Group O blood. Your hospital is conducting an urgent blood drive because its supply of Group O blood is low, and it needs at least 136 people to donate Group O blood. Three hundred thirty volunteers donate blood.

Estimate the probability that the number with Group O blood is at least 136. Include your work and calculations.
What would you tell your hospital manager at the end of the day regarding the blood drive’s success (before blood typing has been done)? Do you need to plan an additional blood drive tomorrow? Why or why not? Explain using statistical data.

Your paper should be double spaced, 12 point font, and all references and citations should be APA formatted. All responses should include proper spelling and grammar, and questions should be answered using complete sentences.

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