Posted: October 4th, 2016

You are required to list two (2) NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice relevant to the episode of care.

Episode of Care An episode of care is defined by a series of interventions provided to a person over all or part of the eight hour shift, the sum total of which translates to an episode of holistic nursing care. Informed consent must be obtained from the person prior to the assessment. During each episode of care, you will demonstrate competence undertaking two (2) therapeutic interventions relevant to the episode of care. You must be formally assessed performing these therapeutic interventions related to that episode of care by a registered nurse. If your clinical facilitator is unavailable, it is acceptable for another registered nurse from the clinical area associated with that person�s care observes your performance. However, this must be discussed with, and approved by your clinical facilitator. Please note any assessor must have a minimum of twelve months experience post graduate to perform an assessment of students. You are required to list two (2) NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice relevant to the episode of care. Students are required to identify two (2) relevant NMBA standards for each therapeutic intervention. You are only required to list the NMBA standard number. Students should outline how or why this NMBA standard is relevant to the intervention. Additionally, how you demonstrated or applied the specified standard within the person�s episode of care. The performance of each intervention must be assessed by either the clinical facilitator or the RN for whom the person�s care was allocated. The completed episode of care assessment forms must be signed by the RN performing the assessment and student. Your episodes of care should involve documenting how or why the NMBA standard of care is relevant to the episode of care how you demonstrated/applied this standard during your shift/s caring for this person. You need to think about your clinical practice and specifically how you met the NMBA standard, for example: Episode of Care Caring for a person post­operatively. Conducting post­operative vital signs and wound assessment. Theoretical Principles and Application of Related NMBA Standards Uses a range of assessment techniques to collect relevant and accurate information and data to inform practice (4.2) Asking Mrs X for her informal informed consent, prior to undertaking nursing practice, is linked to ethical and legal principles (6.5) Repetition of the same (or similar) NMBA standard is not considered appropriate and, may result in either: Professional Experience Placement make­up to successfully and appropriately fulfil clinical requirements

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