Posted: July 8th, 2016

Reorganizing the care delivery model at Magnet hospitals.

Care delivery model

Read the following requirements thoroughly, and write 4-5 pages paper on the instructions given below. Your paper must include headings before started each new section. You must include 10 scholarly references cited in APA. Scholarly references need to be current, 5–8 years or less (anonymous authors or web pages are unacceptable).Your answer must be 100% original.

Part A of the Systems Leadership Project will identify a quality improvement or evidence-based or knowledge-based issue in an area of nursing practice relevant to your role as a DNP. The area may be in a
Hospital; care delivery model
public health agency;
non-governmental agency; and
global health, policy arena.
You are to select a problem in one above area of interest for you, for example:
· Addressing hospital throughput issues as a nurse executive
· Changing the clinic staffing matrix of an interdisciplinary clinic
· Lean or Six Sigma improvement strategies
· Implementing purposeful rounding and bedside reporting based on best practices to improve HCAHPS scores
· Reorganizing the care delivery model of various nursing units based on evidence from Magnet hospitals
· Designing and implementing a culture of safety and identifying areas of nursing program growth as an administrative dean of an online nursing program
You must address the following objectives.
1. Problem identification—quality improvement or evidence-based or knowledge-based issue
a) The problem must be current and relevant to the organization or clinic.
b) The problem must include cost, quality, and efficiency.
c) The problem must match the organization’s mission or vision statement and organizational strategic plan for the next 5 years.
2. Significance of the problem as it relates to healthcare leadership, academics, finance and economics
a) What leadership elements are crucial to the success of this problem area? care delivery model
b) State several significant areas of the problem—leadership and finance, academics, and economics.
3. Literature review related to what is known about the significance of the problem, what is not known, and how your project plans could potential fill the gap
4. Your role as a DNP in addressing the problem
a) What are the key leadership challenges at this time that may enhance acceptance of the project or resistance? How will the organization’s climate support the change?care delivery model
b) What leadership skills are most conducive to create a favorable proposed change process?
5. Key stakeholders identified and several key measures or indicators of healthcare outcomes that is important to stakeholders and that you will use in addressing the problem area
a) Identify stakeholders that will support change in the problem area.
b) Identify stakeholders that will create resistance in change.
c) Identify stakeholders that will have the greatest influence over positive or negative changes related to the problem area. Identify ways in which to work with all the various groups of stakeholders

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