Posted: October 9th, 2017

Describe the relationship between moral development and delinquency.

moral development 

Discuss the main methodologies of collecting crime data.

Is it really just big government attempting to make itself look good to taxpayers? How can the criminal justice system make use of the data in reducing crime, improving law enforcement performance, or assisting crime victims?


Locate a recent juvenile case using the Internet. Analyze the delinquent act(s), the juvenile delinquent(s), and any other social or biological factors that are available.

  • Post a two paragraph discussion summarizing the article AND explaining which theories apply to the delinquency.
  • Which theories appear to have the best real life adaptation, in this case and in other juvenile cases?

Complete these short essay questions:


  1. Describe the relationship between moral development and delinquency.
  2. Describe the impact or personality disorders on delinquency.
  3. Describe one social structure theory, one learning theory, and one social control theories.

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