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Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper

Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper

Introduction to Statistics and Research – SR 134


Assignment Guidelines
A successfully written assignment largely depends on a deep understanding of the main topic, finding the most recent scholarly sources (textbooks and research articles) in relation to the subject, and following different criteria of the rubric brochure (see pages 2-3).

This assignment is designed to allow you to assess a particular research paper (ATTACHED).

For this assignment, you will work individually. The main goal of this assignment is to prepare an essay regarding specific research in the field of healthcare sciences.

Evaluate the research paper from the viewpoint of the subsequent sections:
1. Main title
2. Abstract and keywords
3. Introduction
4. Materials and methods
5. Results and discussion
6. References

The following criteria will be used to evaluate your essays:
A. Layout and organization (clear pattern and method of organization)
B. Accuracy and clarity (accuracy of facts and scientific concepts using different examples)
C. Creativity (critical thinking and feasible interpretation using tables and figures)
D. Writing style (correct spelling and punctuation as well as numbering and bullets)
E. Sources (Relevant citations and scholarly sources in APA format)


Introduction to Statistics and Research – SR 134

Topic: Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth


It is evident that longer working hours has an impact on the oral health of an individual. This study employed a qualitative research design where web based questionnaires were administered to participants in order to determine the relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth. The study’s results established that there is a link between overtime work and tooth decay among fulltime employees in the fiscal industry Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper .


There is no doubt that working for longer hours has a negative impact on the health of an individual. Diseases like diabetes mellitus, depression, anxiety, circulatory diseases as well as psychological disorders such as cognitive function, sleep disorder are all linked to overtime working. However, it is crucial to note that since working for long hours has a negative influence on the lifestyle of an individual; it is accurate to conclude that it also contributes to tooth decay. Working for longer hours increases the possibility of tooth decay. This is because employees who work for longer hours have limited time to take care of their teeth. The most common causes of permanent teeth loss are periodontitis and caries. Notably, periodontal disease is the primary reason why people extract their tooth across all ages. Tooth decay is increasingly turning into a major health scare across various ages and as a result, it is crucial for working populations to treat the disease at the earliest opportunity possible (Yoshino et al, n.d).


Materials and Methods

            This study adopted a qualitative research design. A qualitative research method allows the researcher to collect descriptive data.  Against this background, the researcher used primary data collection tools. Online questionnaires were administered to working populations who met the following selection criteria: aged between 25 – 65, employed within the Kanto vicinity in Japan, full-time employees and employed in the fiscal sector – insurance, securities and bank.  The questionnaires were sent to the participants via email. This was a web-based research and as a result, it allowed the researcher to overcome the challenges associated with primary data collection techniques such as inadequate finance, resources and time. The questionnaires primarily focused on finding out information linked to the oral health behavior of the participants. The participants filled out information on how regular they brushed their teeth, how often do they visit a dentist for checkups, as well as whether they have untreated carries.  These statistics aimed at equipping the researcher with a general overview of the health status of the respondent and also allow the researcher to find out if any link between working overtime and oral health diseases exists. The respondents were also required to fill out information about their working hours Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper  . This information helped the researcher to link working hours to teeth decay.

Results and Discussions

The study found out that the mean age of respondents who worked overtime was as follows SD 8.1 (51. 6 years); 0 – 45 hours, SD 8.8 ( 47 years) 45- 80 hours, SD 7.7 (46.6 years) and SD 8.6 ( 45.5 years) over 80 hours (Yoshino et al, n.d). From these statistics, it is clear that the mean age reduced with the amount of extra time spent at work per month Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper . Data from the study also showed that respondents with the following traits – highest level of education, higher overtime working hours, and those who brush their teeth fewer than twice a day had untreated decayed teeth.

Undisputable, oral health status is primarily influenced by socio-economic status, gender, job stress and educational background. Consequently, this study selected individuals working within the same sector and vicinity in order to avoid influences from confounding aspects.  From this study, it is clearly evident that there is a relationship between tooth decay and overtime work. The study showed that there is a link between untreated decayed teeth and extra time work in financial sector employees. The study found out that there is a relationship between tooth decay and educational background. This point out to the fact that oral health awareness is crucial even to employees in the financial sector despite their high income and level of education.


Yoshino, K. (n.d). Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth Relationship between overtime work and decayed teeth research paper 


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