Posted: November 4th, 2016

The purpose of this paper is to develop a research proposal applying a specific health behavior theory or model.

Theory Based Research Proposal Paper


—The purpose of this paper is to develop a research proposal applying a specific health behavior theory or model.


The public health issue chosen is Alcohol Consumption and the target population is Undergraduate students. The Theory of Planned Behavior TPB model will be used to address this unhealthy behavior.


Here is the back-story of why the topic is chosen and to give you a general idea of the direction to take this paper in.

(I wanted to do a social marketing campaign against drinking. Now my reasons for it is that everyone always says smoking is bad/dangerous and there are so many campaigns against smoking but not much socially against drinking. I mean there aren’t actual benefits of drinking but there are many long-term health problems associated with it along with short term excessive drinking that may lead to harm to others as well as us. As soon as the workday is over and/or the weekend is here everyone is reaching for a bottle of alcohol but not for any beneficial gain at all, instead simply because it has became a socially acceptable norm. Since most of people start drinking around high school onwards and continue throughout their lives, I wanted my target population to be college students especially in undergraduate programs. I believe the urge to excessively start drinking is instigated around that time and then like a habit interwoven in our mind for the rest of our lives. So I believe using the TPB model it would be a good idea to launch a social marketing campaign against drinking in that population so when did go through life it isn’t first nature for them to reach for a bottle to feel acceptable in any environment. Another reason why I think that population is best because it would be pointless and near impossible to change older generations when they have been hardwired to alcohol most of their lives and therefore starting at a time when drinking is the centered focused of their life in undergraduate years would have an significant impact in future behavior change.)






So a social marketing campaign must be created using the TPB theory for the target population against drinking. Below are the specific guidelines and grading criteria that should be followed specifically.


Only credible resources must be used to cite research based on the TPB theory itself and any other data throughout the paper even if it is simple data as to the average alcohol consumption daily. The number of resources is up to the writer so ignore the number selected when placing the order.



—Your research proposal should be 10-15 pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margins and 11 point font. Please use APA or MLA formatting and include the following:

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