Posted: October 2nd, 2017

Personal & professional responsibilities of the APN

Nurse Practitioner

• Identify a critical issue that impacts your selected advanced practice role (Nurse Practitioner): Focus on informed consent in cardiac procedures
• Conduct a search of appropriate evidence-based literature regarding that issue
• Reflect upon the personal and professional responsibilities related to that issue include the characteristics or competencies specific to your role
• Student will identify a current issue in health that impacts the role of an Advanced Practice Nurse

• Student will identify the background information regarding this question (what is the problem and why is this important to you?)

• Student will conduct a literature search and identify at least five recent (within 5 years) articles from peer-reviewed journals that provide information related to the identified issue

• Student will prepare a well-worded paper which integrates the information learned from conducting the literature search and summarizes reflection of personal and professional responsibilities related to the issue

• Assignment is to be typed and presented in APA format which includes a title page(identifying the student’s name, course information, date) an abstract page, the body of the paper, and reference page (listing all resources utilized making sure to cite within the body of the paper where those resources were utilized) Nurse Practitioner

• Grading rubric for this assignment is as follows:
Introduction to the critical issue (identify what the issue is, provide statistical data as appropriate to help define the issue)
• Identify the evolution of the issue
• Identify the ethical& legal aspects of this issue
• Provide appropriate citations
• At least five recent (within 5 years) articles from peer-reviewed journals
• Provide an integrated summary which speaks to each article identifying what was learned and how the issue impacted the APN role. Nurse Practitioner
• Personal & professional responsibilities of the APN related to the issue
• Present ideas in an organized and logical manner
• Provide evidence of reflection of personal insights and reflective understandings of the issue
Mandatory reference for introduction: Denisco, S.M., & Barker, A.M. (2016). Advanced Practice Nursing

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