Posted: November 4th, 2016

Professional Development and Identity Macro concept: Professional Integrit

Course: NURS 2800, Chronic and Palliative Care

Title of Assignment: Action Plan Assignment (15 Points Possible)

Curricular concept: Professional Development and Identity Macro concept: Professional Integrity

Micro concept: Clinical Decision Making, Leadership

Exemplars: Life Long Learning Plan, Professional Growth and Development


Purpose of Learning Activity: Provide an opportunity to reflect upon and provide evidence supporting successful completion of course outcomes. Additionally, provide an opportunity to analyze strengths and weaknesses, plans for life-long learning goals, successful coping strategies, and detail plans for professional nursing practice.


Description: To provide students with an opportunity to reflect upon activities and personal growth while in the clinical settings. Students will reflect and provide supporting evidence on what course outcomes have been met (see course syllabus). Provide evidence supporting how you have met the course outcomes and reflect on your feelings regarding your growth. Additionally, consider what your goals are for your next semester of nursing school. Your journal entries will provide a format for you to synthesize your knowledge, skills and experiences and allows you to find meanings and make connections in order to develop the critical thinking skills of a professional nurse. This journal is part of your Clinical and Self Evaluation final grade and is worth 15 points. Your clinical instructor may comment and/or respond to something in your posting but may only read them without feedback to you. However, you will receive a copy of the rubric with your grade for this assignment. This journal should range between 3-4 pages in length and follow APA format. Please review the Clinical Assignment Summary sheet for information regarding due dates.


Action Plan topic:

The Action Plan Assignment is graded and meets PSLOs and Competencies. The Action Plan Assignment must be completed fully with insight and detail for a passing grade (please review Reflection Journal Rubric).


  • Action Plan Assignment:

PLSO 1: Demonstrate reflection, self-analysis, self-care, and lifelong learning into nursing practice. Comp 1B: Construct a lifelong learning plan to support excellence in nursing practice.

Comp 1I: Develop a professional growth and development plan inclusive of practice excellence, lifelong learning, and professional engagement.


Comp 1J: Integrate personal health and self-renewal strategies when delivering nursing care.

CO 8: Explore one’s own beliefs and values as they relate to caring for clients experiencing chronic illness and end of life

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