Posted: July 26th, 2016

Social problems that impact families: divorce or one-parent families.

There many changes and social problems that impact families. Choose one social problem that impacts families: divorce or one-parent families.

Project Specifics:

The paper should be between 800 and 1000 words, double-spaced, not including the title and reference page.
Use at least three references, including one from Henslin, James M. (2013). Social problems: A down to earth approach, 8th Edition.
The paper must be original, with no plagiarism.
Part I: Begin your paper with a discussion of the social problem you have chosen and explain why you have chosen this particular social problem.

Part II: As human services professionals, it is important to be able to view social problems from multiple perspectives. There are often many people involved in a social problem. Some of the different people involved in social problems like divorce, one-parent families, and family violence are the mother, the father, and the children. The problem will impact all of these people in a unique way, and they may have different perspectives about what is occurring. With Part II, you can examine the social problem you chose from multiple perspectives.

If you chose divorce or one-parent families, discuss how the parents and children view the issue.

Part III: Conclude your paper by discussing how society views the social problem you wrote about. In addition, discuss your role as an advocate. How can you work to create awareness and teach others about diversity and multiculturalism.

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