Posted: December 24th, 2016

Privacy and Security concerns related to electronic records


Prompt 1

Galen’s Online Library Resources

Galen’s Online Library has a host of peer reviewed sources and other credible sources for academic research. Search the Online library for an article that discusses one of the following:

Smartphone use in the healthcare field
Electronic Medical Records (anything related to this topic is fine…cost, implementation, system capabilities, etc)
Privacy and Security concerns related to electronic records
Database use in the healthcare environment

* Please do not conduct a ‘Basic’ search and automatically choose the first article in the results list! This will become a boring conversation pretty quickly if everyone does that! Skim the results of your search terms, play with different search terms and limiters and skim the results you are getting. Then, choose an article that stands out to you.

In your post you should:

1. Share the article that you found,

2. Share the method you used to conduct your search,

3. Mention the database(s) that you used to conduct your search,

4. Tell us the key word(s) used in your search,

5. And share: What level of difficulty did you encounter in your search process?


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