Posted: July 10th, 2016

prescription information: 9. Patient—PatientID, Name, DOB

prescription information

1)Patient—PatientID, Name, DOB
2) Doctor—DoctorID, Name, MedLicenseNumber, Phone
3) Medication—MedicationID, BrandName, Generic Name
4) Prescription—PrescriptionID, Date, PatientID, PrescriberID, MedicationID
Specify the SQL queries to retrieve:
1) A list of all doctors.
2) The number of patients that were born before 01/01/1994.
3) The patient information along with the ID of any prescribing doctor for each patient.
4) The prescription information along with patient name, DOB, medication brand name, and prescribing doctor name sorted by most recent date.
5) The most prescribed generic medication name.

prescription information

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