Posted: September 7th, 2017

How are potassium and sodium transported across plasma membranes?

• Question 1 How are potassium and sodium transported across plasma membranes? • Question 2 What causes the rapid change in the resting membrane potential that initiates an action potential? • Question 3 A patient wants to know the risk factors for Down syndrome. What is the nurse’s best response? • Question 4 In teaching a patient with cirrhosis, which information should the nurse include regarding cholesterol? • Question 5 During childhood, the thymus decreases in size, and this is referred to as _____ atrophy. • Question 6 A nurse is reviewing the pedigree chart. When checking for a proband, what is the nurse looking for? • Question 7 A cell is isolated, and electrophysiology studies reveal that the resting membrane potential is –70 millivolts. The predominant intracellular ion is Na+, and the predominant extracellular ion is K+. With voltage change, which of the following would result in an action potential? • Question 8 A 12-year-old male is diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome. His karyotype would reveal which of the following? • Question 9 When a patient asks what causes cystic fibrosis, how should the nurse respond? Cystic fibrosis is caused by an _____ gene. • Question 10 A runner has depleted all the oxygen available for muscle energy. Which of the following will facilitate his continued muscle performance? • Question 11 Why is potassium able to diffuse easily in and out of cells? • Question 12 What is the role of cytokines in cell reproduction? • Question 13 A nurse is teaching a patient with diabetes how glucose is transported from the blood to the cell. What type of transport system should the nurse discuss with the patient? • Question 14 A 50-year-old male was recently diagnosed with Huntington disease. Transmission of this disease is associated with: • Question 15 The nurse is teaching staff about the most common cause of Down syndrome. What is the nurse describing?

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