Posted: July 22nd, 2016

Please read the following instructions for the Interview Analysis very carefully: Interview Activity Instructions.docx Then interview someone you know regarding their treatment/recovery from a particular substance or addiction. (Trying to quit smoking or drinking caffeine can be included in this). Be sure you respect their anonymity and confidentiality and CHANGE THEIR NAMES in the final write-up.

Interview Analysis Report Grading Rubric

Report follows formatting requirements outlined in Writing Policies on syllabus (proper heading, title, font, margins, etc) (5 points deducted if any part of the Writing Policy is not met)
Essay is a minimum of 350 words (5 points deducted if paper is 275-349 words; 10 points deducted if paper is 200-274 words; 25 points deducted if paper is 125-199 words; 35 points deducted if paper is 100-124 words; 50 points deducted if paper is less than 100 words.) It’s great if the report is longer than 350 words!
Report answers/responds to all the questions outlined in the Interview Instructions (5 points deducted for each question that is not responded to; I DO NOT need to see an exact transcript of your entire interview; but in your write-up, I need to see that you somehow covered each question in your interview)
Paper is in ESSAY format (5 points deducted if paper is numbered questions rather than essay format)
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