Posted: July 25th, 2016

picture for Toxoplasma gondii life cycle

1. I would like a produced picture for Toxoplasma gondii life cycle only. I do not need any explanation for the life cycle only a special image. 2. On the second page a brief comparison between Tachyzoites and Bradyzoites in term of shape and function. 3. Also the effects of T. gondii on host behaviour have been well studied, there is still very limited knowledge as to the mechanism by which these behavioural changes might occur. It has been suggested that the parasiteâs effects in the brain may be indirect, via the hostâs immune response and or that the parasite may have a direct effect due to its localisation within a particular brain region, or by indirectly and/or directly affecting neuromodulator levels. what I need is : * a brief paragraph about the hostâs immune response (no more than half of a page). * Locolisation of the cycts on the brain (one page) * indirectly and/or directly affecting neuromodulator levels ( one page) No need for conclusion or title. I repeat please no need for a conclusion or a title. Can you do that, please Thank you in advance.

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