Posted: August 29th, 2018

Perform the musculoskeletal examination.

Assignment 2 (Optional): Practice Assessment: Musculoskeletal Examination

A description of symptoms alone is not enough to form an accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. Before forming a diagnosis, advanced practice nurses need to perform a physical examination. Although the musculoskeletal examination is relatively simple, it still needs to be performed multiple times before it can be mastered.

In preparation for the Head-to-Toe Physical Assessment Video due in Week 10, it is recommended that you practice performing a musculoskeletal examination this week.

Note: This is an optional practice physical assessment. You do not have to capture a video of this assessment, as no submission is required.

To prepare:

  • Arrange an appropriate time and setting with your volunteer “patient” to perform a musculoskeletal examination.
  • Download and review the Musculoskeletal Checklist provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

To complete:

  • Perform the musculoskeletal examination. Be sure to cover all of the areas listed in the checklist.

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