Posted: July 25th, 2016

Oxoid strep grouping kit

You will be assigned a diagnostic method relevant for respiratory diagnosis. You must research the topic assigned to you relating to the analysis of respiratory specimens. You will research one topic in detail and will report back a 2-page summary of your research on the test in dot-point format, its advantages and disadvantages, cost, availability and final evaluation, together with the most useful of your references. The headings to be used for the dot points summary and your oral presentation are: • a description of the topic • a short description of its importance in diagnosis of respiratory infections • how used (if it is a test), or how sample is processed (if it is an organism or sample type) • principle of the test • cost (relative if actual costs not available) • advantages and disadvantages • ease of use • turnaround time your evaluation of whether or not it should be included in the manual. The method name is Oxoid strep grouping kit These question also will help • Description of the test/method? • Principle? • How or what is it used for? • Ease of use? • Advantages and disadvantages? • Cost (you only need to be general) example, cheap or expensive. You may not be able to get an actual dollar figure. • Turnaround time? • Your evaluation of the method, will you be including in “if you work in lab” in the manual ? you should include your reasoning • List the best references you found for this topic. Max of 4 references

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