Posted: December 16th, 2022

Over 200 Latest Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

Nursing is a massive profession that encompasses several theoretical frameworks and topics. You will have to attend several classes per day and submit many nursing essays including nursing argumentative essays. Selecting nursing argumentative essay topics can be pretty challenging for a student.

First, there are tons of nursing argumentative essay topics, and a student might not know where to source more data after selecting a topic. But the perfect help for nursing students is here. In this blog, you will find a list of all nursing argumentative essay topics that you need. By the end of this blog, you will be able to choose a suitable topic

Feature a Good Nursing Argumentative Essay Topic

To write a nursing argumentative essay, you have to understand the various features of a good topic.

The features include

1. The topic should be within the proper domain

The nursing argumentative essay should fall within the nursing area of specialization. Your nursing argumentative essay topic should also fall into that category.

Also, your nursing argumentative essay topic should focus on a particular issue. Argumentative essay topics lacking direction and a focus topic can quickly put off the reader. When you focus on an appropriate subject, you will be able to provide adequate and proper information and help you stick to the proper structure and flow of thoughts.

2. It should provide an answer to an argumentative idea, topic, or phenomenon

Nursing argumentative essay topics should strive to provide solutions to particular questions. An argumentative essay is formulated around the question the essay seeks to answer. A thesis statement is a good hack for giving your essay a purpose and direction and gaining and retaining their attention.

You can also use the question as a thesis statement from your nursing argumentative essay. The thesis statement will have readers interested in your essay since they will want to know your answer to a particular question. Your solutions should always be comprehensive and specific.

3. The nursing argumentative essay topic should be debatable

You should have a list of nursing argumentative essay topics in your scope, and they should be debatable. That is the point of an argumentative essay, right? In an argumentative essay, the controversy is the basis of the arguments in the essay; thus, avoid any topic that does not accommodate several opinions.

When you start writing your nursing argumentative essay, pick a solid standpoint on the issue you will discuss in your essay from the beginning to the end. Do not shift your standpoint midway. Do not forget to back up each argument in your body paragraphs with statistics and data. In conclusion, finish on a high note, and ensure that you take a firm stand on the present points.

4. Make it as interesting as possible

You should stick to a nursing essay topic that intrigues you. Nine times out of ten, you will write an outstanding nursing argumentative essay if you write about topics you are ideally interested in.

If you have been given the option of choosing a nursing argumentative essay topic, always select the topic close to the area you are interested in.

You don’t want to lose interest in writing your argumentative essay along the way. You will want to make the argumentative essay interesting for you and the reader.

Hot Argumentative Nursing Essay Topics

In this case, carefully select a nursing essay topic that is not too broad and does not rely entirely on facts. However, the essay subject should be well-defined, and you should be an expert on it.

Here are some popular essay topics to choose from

  1.  What is the primary function of a nurse? Are they viewed solely as caregivers, and how may their absence affect the facility?
  2. Should nurses receive an additional year of education to ensure they receive superior health care and a high level of qualification?
  3. The government should invest in stem cell research.
  4. Should nurses have the authority to bring a patient’s life to an end?
  5. Nurses should be permitted to assume more responsibilities presently reserved for physicians.
  6. To improve overall health care, all nursing qualifying courses should include an additional year of study.
  7. Are nurses permitted to assume additional responsibilities that physicians should handle?
  8. Increasing the number of men who become nurses might benefit the sector’s equity.
  9. How European health care working techniques should be applied in the United States
  10. Personal choice: Jehovah’s Witnesses have the right not to be induced for treatment.
  11. Salary increases for nurses are critical to providing improved health care.
  12. The United States of America should adopt a national health care system analogous to the United Kingdom.
  13. Why are nurses responsible for administering placebos?
  14. Nurses should offer homeopathic remedies – they are not all crap!
  15. The government should increase public knowledge of the health dangers associated with fast food.
  16. Government funding for stem cell research should be increased.
  17. Is compliance with all applicable safety standards essential for all facilities worldwide?
  18. Is it appropriate for nurses to administer homeopathic pills?
  19. Understaffed hospitals are directly accountable for substandard care.
  20. Is it true that hospitals with a low nurse staff perform suboptimally?
  21. Why should nurses administer placebos?
  22. Can they give more outstanding care and services if their salaries are increased?
  23. Nursing safety standards similar to those found in developed countries should be mandatory in developing countries.
  24. Nurses should not be permitted to end a patient’s life.
  25. Partners should have the right to remove their spouses’ feeding tubes.

Selected List of Best Nursing argumentative Essay Topics for Your Paper

  1. We fulfill our promises, and here is a list of the topics from which you can choose if you continue to have troubles:
  2. Male nurses are less concerned with patients’ well-being than female nurses.
  3. The percentage of overtime that nurses work should be a factor in determining their bonuses.
  4. Nurses do not take enough precautions when caring for patients.
  5. Nurses should be rewarded more financially than physicians.
  6. Nurses are at a greater risk of contracting infectious diseases than physicians.
  7. Is it necessary for nurses to have emotions, and how does their emotional intelligence affect the hospital?
  8. Nurses are more compassionate than physicians.
  9. Nurses, like physicians, deserve residencies.
  10. Are nurses in general careless?
  11. Should nurses be valued more than physicians?
  12. What is the primary function of a nurse? Are they viewed solely as caregivers, and how may their absence affect the facility?
  13. Nursing is not just a female-dominated profession.
  14. A typical nurse abuses their position of authority.
  15. Should nurses be permitted to ask patients intrusive questions?
  16. Do nurses get the same level of respect as physicians?
  17. Should the type of relationship that nurses have with their patients be limited?
  18. What is a nurse’s attitude on pain management, whether chronic or acute and the appropriate pain liberation strategies?
  19. Nurses working the night shift deserve to earn more money than nurses working the day shift.
  20. Are nurses less susceptible to health risks than physicians?
  21. Nurses spend far more time with patients than physicians.
  22. Nurses are more effective motivators for patients who are experiencing psychological distress.
  23. Nurses provide a higher level of care to patients than physicians.
  24. Nurses are more adept at time management than physicians.
  25. Nurses perform a more significant role than physicians.
  26. Nurses are entitled to bonuses based on patient outcomes.
  27. Discrimination based on race is a prevalent issue in the nursing profession.
  28. What are the advantages of studying stress management and mindfulness in nursing? Is this effective in reducing stress?
  29. Should nurses discuss personal matters with patients who appear to be in desperate need of attention?
  30. Should nurses and physicians have a close working relationship?
  31. Sexualized nurses are more adept at dealing with psychological issues than non-sexualized nurses.
  32. Should the nursing team be prepared for emergencies, and to what extent should they be organized to respond to bioterrorism incidents?
  33. Home nurses have a stronger emotional connection to their patients than home doctors.
  34. Is it acceptable for nurses to have sexual relations with their patients?
  35. Nurses in developed countries should be required to work for two years in a developing country.
  36. What factors contribute to substance abuse in the nursing department, and what preventative measures should be implemented?
  37. Should nurses’ salaries be significant compared to those of physicians?
  38. Generally, home nurses are unemotional.
  39. Supervision should be a mandatory component of home nursing.
  40. Which ethical dilemmas confront nursing, and how should they be resolved to ensure smooth workplace practices?
  41. The impact of nurses is distinct from that of physicians.
  42. How can harassment and physical assaults against employees be eradicated? Why are these destructive behaviors on the rise?
  43. Nurses are, on average, more carefree than physicians.
  44. Nurses must be more vigilant than physicians.
  45. Nurses are the most resourceful members of the healthcare team.
  46. Should nurses be granted a global visa to work in any country where their services are required?
  47. What is the optimal nurse staffing level for a hospital?
  48. Nurses are more forgiving than physicians.
  49. Nurses perform more work than physicians.
  50. How are document records organized and maintained in this field? Contrast manual records with automated archives.
  51. Nurses see more patients than physicians.
  52. Should the sexualization of nurses be prohibited?
  53. Do nurses have the authority to write prescriptions for patients?
  54. Can overtime work affect the quality of work performed by nurses?
  55. Is it acceptable for nurses to work unpaid overtime?
  56. Which qualitative nursing practices and procedures are used, and how effective are they in any particular facility?
  57. Is it ethical for nurses to end the life of a terminally ill patient?
  58. Should nurses give patients non-medical advice?
  59. Nurses are more patient than physicians.
  60. Nurses should have a greater capacity for compassion than physicians.
  61. The government should encourage men to pursue careers in nursing.
  62. Nurses are typically more emotionally invested in their patients than physicians are.
  63. Is it appropriate for nurses to engage in non-professional interactions with patients?
  64. Nurses are tenacious in comparison to physicians.
  65. Do nurses face more stress than physicians?

Argumentative Essay Topic About Nursing

  1. What role does the surgeon have in directing the operation?
  2. What is the hospital administration’s duty for the patient’s life?
  3. Should medical personnel’s qualifications be updated yearly?
  4. Can humanity affect the work of health care if it follows safety regulations?
  5. What kind of connection should hospital workers have, and how much influence does the manager have over their work?
  6. Why are patients treated differently in private versus public hospitals?
  7. Is it possible for a registered nurse to become a physician? What must hurdles be overcome?
  8. Who should handle the revenues of healthcare facilities?
  9. Make a list of five management concepts that healthcare should follow.
  10. How well educated are nurses in private and public hospitals?
  11. What is a nurse’s duty in hospitals?
  12. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of healthcare management.
  13. Why does the healthcare environment frequently alter how staff members work?
  14. Are hospital employees motivated by patient care or personal gain?
  15. Why is the healthcare administration failing to improve the quality of life for medical personnel during the coronavirus outbreak?

Controversial nursing argumentative essay topics

  1. Are doctors responsible for the coronavirus’s millions of deaths?
  2. Is it possible to establish that refusing to embrace religions constitutes a psychological disorder?
  3. Are you of the opinion that industrial waste poses a threat to human life?
  4. Is it better to follow a high-fat or low-carbohydrate diet?
  5. Does alternative medicine have a beneficial or detrimental effect on health?
  6. Is it safe or dangerous to follow a carb-free diet?
  7. Should medical marijuana be legalized?
  8. Do I need to seek medical attention if I have an infectious disease, or is staying at home sufficiently?
  9. Can carbonated beverages contribute to the development of an illness such as cancer?
  10. Can a child’s simple habit of eating junk food affect the immune system’s development?
  11. Is it possible to suggest that social determinants influence how people live?
  12. Is Antibiotic Addiction Diagnosed and Treated?
  13. Is participating in sports detrimental to your health or beneficial?
  14. Are you inclined to believe that caffeine is harmful to your health, or are you a believer in caffeine’s beneficial effects?
  15. Is it better to use traditional medicines or those manufactured in pharmaceutical factories?
  16. What factors contribute to the high cost of healthcare in the United States? (Be aware that the state spends significantly more on healthcare than other European countries but covers the most negligible share of healthcare costs.)
  17. Should uninsured individuals receive any medical care?
  18. Is there a causal relationship between poverty and ill-health? (How can poverty affect one’s health?)
  19. Should individuals be encouraged to begin using homeopathy?
  20. Should the donor system be opt-in or opt-out? Examine trustworthy sources on the subject.
  21. Should US hospitals give non-English speaking patients a free translator?
  22. Should medical errors be criminalized?
  23. Should physicians be permitted to market certain medicinal products?
  24. Should the state give homeless people free health care?
  25. Should alternative kinds of medicine be included in public health care?
  26.  Is the US healthcare system’s cost justified?

Nursing argumentative essay topics on Health Care

  1. How can health care help prevent suicides?
  2. How does health care combat chronic diseases?
  3. Which human rights can have an impact on the public health concept?
  4. How should school health care facilities be equipped to assist students properly?
  5. What are health care measures necessary to prevent heat-related deaths?
  6. Can health care providers refuse to treat somebody because he is dark-skinned?
  7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of technology-assisted therapies?
  8. Why is it that school health care cannot provide the required assistance in crises?
  9. Why are alternative medicine metrics viewed as a potential source of health care risk?
  10. How do electronic patient records influence the evolution of health care?
  11. As an adult, should you get vaccinated?
  12. What must pressing challenges be addressed in the US healthcare system?
  13. What needs to be done to ensure that health care is provided reasonably to all patients?
  14. Why isn’t the health care system taking action against online charlatans?
  15. What living conditions should each individual have to maintain a healthy state of mind, and how can health care accept them?

Nursing argumentative essay in Medicine Technology


  1. How are healthcare college students taught to use technology to heal?
  2. How much money does the public health system budget for current equipment?
  3. What makes Pfizer’s Arthritis Treatment Equipment Case unique?
  4. How does technology aid in cancer organ transplantation?
  5. Virtual reality simulators for physicians and patients.
  6. Robotic-assisted childbirth for obstetricians.
  7. Sick robots – for dental, otolaryngology, urology, and gynecology instruction.
  8. Pediatricians can use the PediaSIM infant and adolescent robots produced in Canada.
  9. Intelligent technology versus conventional medicine.
  10. What steps must health care take to ensure that all hospitals have modern equipment?
  11. Intelligent digital hospitals.
  12. Without the essential equipment, how do rural hospitals deal with coronavirus fare?
  13. Why are physicians unable to adapt to emerging medical technologies?
  14. In medicine, 3D printing technologies are gaining traction.
  15. Robots from the United States Code Blue III are used to hone resuscitators’ skills.

Ideas on Argumentative Essay Topics for Nursing Students

Medical topics that are interesting for presentations or essay assignments should exhibit the above characteristics.

  1. It is, therefore, your responsibility to determine which topic is best appropriate for you based on your interests and level of knowledge in a particular field.
  2. Some potential nursing argumentative essay topics include the following: Does the United States’ tax overhaul benefit certain healthcare providers at the price of others?
  3. Should health campaigns promoting physical examinations and disease prevention be classified as a high priority for healthcare funding?
  4. Should actions on social media linked to healthcare practices and medical methods be regulated?
  5. Should compulsory immunizations against infectious diseases be mandated for children?
  6. Should physicians bear entire legal liability for medical errors and incidents caused by their negligence?
  7. Should the cost of healthcare in the United States be regulated to increase access?
  8. Should organ transplantation be limited to those who live a healthy lifestyle?
  9. Should marijuana be classified as a prescription medication for the management of pain?
  10. Should surrogacy be limited to cases necessitated by visible medical conditions?
  11. Should life-saving medical operations be made universally available in the United States?
  12. Is it permissible to use genetic engineering in the treatment of terminal diseases?
  13. Should medical research funding be determined and regulated primarily by government agencies?
  14. Should antibiotic use be regulated in a systematic and supervised manner?
  15. Should mental health be declared the primary public health problem in twenty-first-century America?
  16. Should the homeless and disadvantaged in the United States have access to free healthcare?
  17. Should the legalization of euthanasia be considered?
  18. When treating a minor, should the parents’ wishes take precedence over the doctor’s?
  19. Should patients have more choices between natural and synthetic medications?
  20. Has digital technology exacerbated the disparity in the quality of health care services given in the United States?
  21. Has the Affordable Care Act decreased the standard of healthcare in the United States?
  22. Should obesity be named the number one public health threat in the United States?
  23. Should fast-food commercials be prohibited from mainstream media?
  24. Are public health programs effective at preventing and controlling disease?
  25. Should complementary and alternative therapies be included in the national health care system?
  26. Should teenagers be supplied with contraception?

Argumentative Essay Topics for psychiatric nursing

  1. Is womb transplantation a viable option in place of surrogacy?
  2. Should the organ transplantation committee consider the patient’s circumstances (marriage status, kids, successes, and personal characteristics) when determining who will receive an organ?
  3. Should a doctor be permitted to treat a minor against their parent’s wishes?
  4. Is abortion a legal procedure?
  5. Should euthanasia be prohibited?
  6. Should surrogacy be used on a case-by-case basis or just for health reasons?
  7. Should persons who live an unhealthy lifestyle be denied organ transplantation?
  8. Should physicians be obligated to report cases of organ trafficking (when a person has the desired organ but it is not on the national waiting list)?
  9. Should mandatory vaccinations for children be implemented?
  10. Should those with mental health difficulties be treated in or out of the community?

Interesting Controversial nursing topics for an Argumentative Essay

With the assistance of the list of intriguing, controversial medical topics for an argumentative essay offered below, you will be able to overcome the difficulties associated with choosing nursing argumentative essay topics.

  1. Is it necessary to expand the area dedicated to manufacturing robots capable of replacing doctors? Emphasize the issue’s pernicious consequences.
  2. Should hospitals that handle minorities have a translator on staff?
  3. Should doctors be permitted to cure kids over their parents’ wishes?
  4. Is homeopathy a safe and effective way to improve one’s health?
  5. Is marijuana legalization worthwhile?
  6. Should surrogacy be used on-demand or solely for health reasons?
  7. Donor system: pros and disadvantages
  8. Should the government increase funding for medical research?
  9. Is it necessary to penalize those who commit medical malpractice?
  10. Is the expense of medical care in America reasonable?
  11. Is it worthwhile to allow doctors to advertise certain medications?
  12. Should organ transplantation be reserved for persons who live a healthy lifestyle?
  13. Should homeless individuals be entitled to free medical care?
  14. What constitutes the expense of health care in the United States of America?
  15. What effect do diet-related television shows have on people? Do they encourage individuals to take care of their health, or do they have the opposite effect?
  16. Is abortion legalization necessary? (Professors advise against choosing this subject because it has already been explored numerous times.)
  17. Should the patient’s personal information (children, accomplishments, marital status, etc.) be considered for organ transplantation?
  18. Is it worthwhile to permit genetic engineering experiments?
  19. Should the government restrict the importation of goods manufactured at the price of another person’s health?
  20. Should there be any constraints on human experimentation?
  21. Obesity: an individual or a public health issue? Should obese individuals be granted additional days off?
  22. Is it ethical to test medical items on mice?
  23. Should governments regulate fast-food chains?
  24. Is there a link between health problems and poverty?
  25. Should governments make a tremendous effort to urge citizens to live a healthy lifestyle?
  26. Is medical research capable of posing a threat? How?
  27. Do individuals with mental illnesses have to be treated within society and not in isolation?
  28. Vaccination: Is it necessary?
  29. Should individuals without health insurance be eligible for medical assistance?
  30. If scientists discovered a cure for one terrible sickness, which one would it be: AIDS, cancer, diabetes, or any other disease?
  31. Is it worthwhile to prohibit alcohol advertising on television?
  32. Who should decide the old’s fate (children, physicians, or an older person)?
  33. Should medical researchers seek ways to make people immortal? There are numerous establishments devoted to developing various types of medicine capable of delaying aging.
  34. Can the physical activity be detrimental to one’s health?
  35. Do cosmetic surgery-themed television shows create an addiction? Are they to be disallowed in this instance?
  36. Are physicians required to disclose organ donation?
  37. Is it worthwhile to prohibit fast-food commercials on television?
  38. Should adolescents be permitted to obtain birth control pills?

Bottom line

You’ve explored a vast number of nursing argumentative essay topics! Before making a final decision, consider the following: Is the subject intriguing? Is it contentious? Will I be able to glean sufficient knowledge from it? Will my research help to resolve the issue?

You’ve found the perfect topic if you answered ‘yes’ to the majority of these questions! If not, you can always get help from nursing argumentative essay help experts.

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