Posted: January 9th, 2023

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas for Students

The nursing profession attracts individuals who are naturally inclined to nurture and care and who are interested in science and anatomy. The desire to help others and empathy make this career rewarding. Toward the end of the nursing program, students choose a topic of interest from the various nursing practicum project ideas and write a project to attain a bachelor’s degree or Master of Science in nursing.  Nursing Practicum Project Ideas for Students:

We write nursing practicum based on health care, evidence-based practice, nurse leadership, quality of life, standardized fall risk assessment tools, and the list is endless. It is considered one of the essential health history types of writing. It can make a big difference because it will always assess what you have learned through your academic years and how well you have adopted the facts.

This article will give you many nursing practicum project ideas to choose from when writing a project. These projects are similar to the essays you have written as your assignments. The difference is practicum ideas and projects require days of preparation. Try to go for an idea based on your interest, experience, or learning as much as possible.

MSN Education Practicum Project Ideas

Writing a nursing Practicum Project requires you to choose a good topic, conduct extensive research, collect facts, and provide evidence to support those facts. This makes the entire process of writing a nursing capstone project interesting.

Some of the MSN Education Practicum Project Ideas include:

  • Importance of Patient advocacy and advanced practice
  • Future of Nursing
  • Integrated Healthcare systems
  • Racial discrimination in healthcare delivery
  • Mental health examination among veterans
  • How to ensure Healthy aging
  • The process of transforming from student nurse to registered nurse
  • How ethical and low payment among nursing staff result in underutilization of patient portal
  • Health care insurance for employees
  • Affordable health care for all citizens
  • Trends affecting health care system in the United States
  • Strategies to reduce hospital-acquired infections
  • Impacts of organizational culture on the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP)
  • The process of improving preventive care in HMO organizations for better outcomes
  • Motivations and barriers to returning to school for a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing
  • Implementing the IOM future of nursing

Nursing Leadership Practicum Project Ideas

Nursing leadership is a discipline that many researchers have invested in. But this doesn’t mean that all the information is exhausted. You can get excellent capstone project ideas for nursing in the leadership specialty that can deliver the best grades if well-written. These are some of the best nursing leadership practicum project ideas you can consider in this field:

  • Patient advocacy by nurse leaders
  • Importance of nurse leadership
  • Theories formulated to support nurse leadership
  • Different approaches to stress management for nurse leaders
  • The ethical practice among nursing leaders
  • Servant leadership approach among nurses
  • Significant challenges facing nursing leaders
  • Nurse leader’s role in solving conflicts in hospital settings
  • Nurse leader’s role in preventing violence in emergency rooms
  • Ways through which nurse leaders address burnout among nursing staff
  • Leadership philosophy and styles among nurse leaders and their importance
  • Leadership in the U.K. vs. the U.S. Health system
  • Influential nurse leaders in the political space
  • Key roles of nurse managers in healthcare
  • Defining leadership in nursing
  • Personality and behavior of Nurse leaders
  • Applicable nursing leadership styles
  • Importance of leadership in nursing education
  • Student nurses and leadership
  • Transactional leadership approach among nurses
  • Key qualities of a great nurse leader
  • Different management styles in nursing
  • Improving nursing leadership skills
  • Training plan for nurse leaders
  • Comparison and contrast between private and public hospital nurse leadership roles
  • Initiation and management of change by nurse leaders
  • Leadership from a nursing point of view
  • Why is charismatic leadership important among nursing leaders
  • Overpriced medication by the pharmaceutical

Nursing Practicum Project Examples

One of the nursing practicum project examples includes:

Managing healthcare-associated infections in the hospital among healthcare staff

In most cases, Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) originate in the hospital setting. These illnesses bring many fatality cases to the nursing staff and other people in the hospice environment. Such diseases arise because of the spread of affected hosts and pathogens and other active transfer mechanisms from the sick. 

The Nursing staff is most likely to contract these illnesses, like other healthcare staff. The practicum project would assist in discovering the minor details behind the HAI area. The student will collect infection data during the practicum using interviews, questionnaires, and observation methods.  

The project would gather all the information about the pathogens present in the hospital. That would involve some procedures and processes in the laboratory to set apart the organisms. Under the project, the chain of spread is also on the cover. This will give information for determining the widespread of such diseases in the health care setting. The project would also help in inventing common prevention and precautionary measures.

 The practicum project aims at the following:

  • It is finding out about the prevalence of healthcare-associated diseases in the hospital. That also includes the incidence rate.
  • You will discover the spreading rate of microorganisms in the hospital and the state of the affected hosts.
  • You will discover the chain of the spread of the infection.
  • You will discover the best prevention strategies and defensive measures that may help decrease the widespread spread of healthcare-associated infections among individuals in the healthcare setting.

Nursing Leadership Capstone Project Ideas

Some of the key nursing leadership capstone project ideas include:

  1. Equal Leadership Opportunities

Women of racial minorities from low socioeconomic status, who believe in marginalized faiths and identify with sexual orientation, are some of the best leaders at both organizational and societal levels. 

 Women in leadership face many challenges concerning their rightfully earned leadership positions. For an exciting practicum project, you can discuss the causes and effects of these inequalities and how to bring equality in leadership. That is one of the trendiest nursing leadership capstone project ideas you can write on.

  1. Developing Leadership skills in Teenagers and Children

Institutional leadership begins at an early age. Teenagers and children mentored and guided on the proper ways to perform and follow through with various leadership styles are most likely to achieve well in both academic and social aspects of their life.

That results in a bright future as they later become successful businesspersons. Their networking skills are high as they learn how to interact with other people early. 

  1. Intergenerational Leadership

It is crucial to learn from the older generation and allow them to be in leadership positions in organizations. Today, the youths are getting more empowered, and we forget that the elderly have more wisdom than they have gathered through lived experiences.

Their leadership and management styles might be outdated or inconsistent with the new technology, but they still have something to contribute to modern society. The younger generation has to learn so much from the older generation. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Leadership

 A high level of emotional Intelligence is one of the significant constituents of successful leadership. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, control and express one’s emotions and recognize, influence, and respond to those around you. 

 Emotional Intelligence and organizational leadership are interrelated. To be a successful leader, you must be emotionally intelligent. That is one of the most exciting nursing practicum project ideas you can discuss in your paper.

  1. Leadership Perspective on Conflict Resolution

Handling organizational conflicts between staff is a complex task for nursing leaders. That is a common issue facing different organizational levels. Managing and minimizing conflicts on various levels requires strong leadership styles. Writing your project on the nurse leader’s role in conflict resolution would be exciting.

Best MSN Nurse Educator Practicum Project Ideas for Students

The following are some of the trendiest MSN nurse educator practicum project ideas.

  • Patients’ fall risk assessment tools
  • Reducing falls among aged patients through exercise
  • Fall risk assessment among the outpatients
  • An approach to fall management in clinical settings
  • Environmental risk factors for elderly falls
  • Prevent falls among elderly patients by use of engineering controls
  • Knowledge and attitude about in-patients fall among the medical staff
  • Methods to prevent patient injuries from falls
  • Education on safety culture and patient falls among the nurses
  • The significance of Morse falls risk scale in fall risk assessment and management
  • Implementation of evidence-based fall risk scale on fall rates
  • Elderly patient safety awareness activities
  • How pharmacists address patient falls
  • DIY modification approach to falls management

Top-notch MSN Practicum Project Ideas for Ob

Some of the examples of MSN practicum project ideas for Ob are:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of breastfeeding
  • Protecting pregnant women from Zika Virus
  • Postpartum depression among new mothers
  • Infant mortality rate and preterm birth among women
  • Management of diabetes during pregnancy
  • Control of diet during pregnancy
  • Cesarean versus normal births
  • Breastfeeding and immune levels of infants
  • Use of breast pumps vs. direct breastfeeding
  • Importance of using nutritional supplements when breastfeeding
  • Causes of constipation after cesarean surgery
  • Use and effects of contraceptives among women

Nursing Informatics Project Ideas

Some of the nursing informatics project ideas include:

  • Effectiveness of clinical support decision-making systems
  • Data management in healthcare
  • Breaking the nurse shortage gaps in rural areas through the technological application
  • Electronic health record capturing in hospitals
  • Competencies of nurse informatics
  • Shared governance in healthcare
  • Health Information as a strategic resource
  • The Impact of Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes and
  • Patient Care Efficiencies and nursing informatics
  • Healthcare management information system
  • The application of big data in healthcare settings
  • Use of robotics in surgery
  • Patient-centered care through the use of electronic health records
  • Assisting recovering centers
  • Role of nursing informatics in quality improvement
  • E-learning as a professional development approach among nurses
  • Developing digital literacies for nursing school students
  • Barriers to competency development in nursing informatics
  • Integrating health informatics into nursing education
  • In-patient management and education through the use of smartphones
  • Simulation use for nursing students
  • Transformative technology adoption in clinical settings
  • The use of big data in clinical research
  • Use of electronic medical records in acute care
  • Mental health care access by rural populations

Capstone Project Ideas Nursing

Here are some of the topics you can derive your capstone project ideas in nursing:

  • Ways of preventing overcrowding in the emergency rooms
  • The effects of overcrowding in the hospital emergency units
  • Quality of healthcare in the E.D. of hospitals
  • How to improve emergency response procedures
  • Ways of reducing emergency department stay for patients
  • Emergency departments
  • Role of Emergency units in patient care and management
  • Addressing disasters and pandemics in emergency departments
  • Trends in Emergency Department
  • Functions of an Emergency room Nurse
  • Responsibilities of Emergency Nurses in Preparedness for Emergency
  • Management of chemotherapy-related complications by the nurses
  • Nurse-initiated medications in an emergency department
  • Nurse Shortage in Emergency Departments
  • Causes of lengthy stays and boarding in-patients
  • Emergency departments- Infection control
  • Improved staff competence in the E.D.
  • Open communication and collaboration among E.D. nurses
  • Emergency departments’ Incentive programs for the nurses
  • Improved patient care through the implementation of technology in Emergency departments
  • Trends Affecting Emergency Department Nurses
  • Assessment and risk classification protocol for patients in emergency units
  • Caring for older patients in an emergency department- Nurse attitude
  • Use of Pediatric Telemedicine in the Emergency Departments
  • Pediatric medication safety in the Emergency departments
  • Use of MRI and C.T. in Pediatric emergency departments
  • The efficacy of enema solutions in Pediatric Emergency departments
  • Perspective on nurse students about the emergency departments
  • Nursing Workforce Issues in Emergency rooms

Nursing Evidence-based Project Ideas

Some of the nursing EBP project ideas include:

  • Evidence-based Practice and Applied Nursing Research
  • Impact of Evidence-Based Practice on Nursing
  • Role of Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare
  • Effects of Evidence-Based Practice on Health
  • Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • The contribution of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Evidence-Based Practice- Ulcer treatment
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • The Importance of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Practice’ Environment
  • Impact of Evidence-Based Practice on Patient Outcomes
  • Quality Improvement and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Clinical and Nursing Care- Evidence-Based Practice
  • Motivation and Barriers to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
  • Clinical Setting- Evidence-Based Practice
  • Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Research-Practice Connection- Evidence-Based Nursing

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