Posted: November 30th, 2016

Types of tests related to nursing and nursing educator roles

Discuss the articles below. These questions must be addressed separately; please do not overstate the title. All questions are related to nursing and nursing educator roles.

Please to develop the response at least 150 minimum word count for each question, remember each article needs to be address also.

Carter, L., & Dickieson, P. (2010). Scenario testing in undergraduate nursing education: Assessment for learning. The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education, 22(2), 65­76.

Goodwin, M., & Jenkins­Weinrub, E. (2015). Student triads: A collaborative approach to practicum experiences for master’s nursing students. Nurse Educator, 40(4), 199­202.

Rice, E. (2015). Predictors of successful clinical performance in associate degree nursing students. Nurse Educator, 40(4), 207­211.

2. Research various types of tests.

Select four different test types and identify the advantages and disadvantages of using each in nursing education environments.

Consider how each format could be used in this week’s assignment at your practicum site.

Consider how you may alter the various formats to meet your needs.

Prepare to share your findings in class.

3. What is the role of student grades in the assessment and evaluation process? How much focus should the educator place on student grades?

4. What is the advantage of creating your test questions versus using test banks provided by publishers? What are the disadvantages?

5. As educators, how important is test security to determine true success versus failure?

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