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NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

Hello. My name is xxx and I have been a nurse for almost 5 years. I worked at a small critical access hospital for the first year where I learned a lot about nursing quickly. I then worked for three years on a surgical unit at a level one trauma center at UW Hospital in Madison, WI. I now work in the Neuroscience ICU at the same hospital. I am very happy in the ICU and love what I do. I have a husband of a year and half and a four year old dog. My dog’s name is Nora and she is a Wheaten Terrier, and she always is within about six inches of me when I am at home. My husband works for Epic, which is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that many companies across the US use for documentation and billing purposes. I wish we lived somewhere a little warmer but he really loves his job and so do I, so we are staying put for now NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.

Waldens goals and mission statement are ones that are important to me, as it speaks a lot about the university. Their mission is to provide “a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change” (Walden University, n.d.). This is very important to me as a non-traditional student. I am a grad student attending school online, which is more common these days, but I still like to think that the school respects diversity and understands that not all students benefit from the same situation. For me personally, I would not have been able to benefit from a rigid classroom setting. The college of nursing vision statement discusses a “continuum of care… across the human life span to meet the needs of individuals and local and global communities” (Walden University, n.d.). This is powerful to me because I would like the opportunity to care for individuals across their lifespan, through becoming a FNP. And while I know that I will have an impact on my patients that I care for individually, it may be nice to create a larger impact throughout my career, which Walden makes possible. While I may work in a clinic setting, I may someday find the time and energy to advocate for the importance of unions in the healthcare setting NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.

The MSN program outcomes also align with the goals that I have for myself. I would like to provide cost effective care on a daily basis, which is heavily emphasized in the program outcomes. The program outcome that resonates the most with me is “Evaluate health needs of diverse populations for necessary teaching/coaching functions based on specialist nursing knowledge to restore/promote health and prevent illness/injury” (Walden University, n.d.). Additionally, I would like to practice as a scholarly practitioner and always incorporate current evidence based practice to promote the best outcomes for my patients. Additionally, I am a preceptor to new nurses and nursing students, so I am always trying to provide them with a quality education that will promote improved outcomes for their patients in the future. Patelarou et al. (2020) reports that undergraduate nursing students are not exposed to enough EBP and lack skills because of this. So my goal is often to incorporate EBP into all of the education that I provide to my students. From an academic perspective, it is always enlightening to be exposed to so much evidence based practice during the educational process. Oftentimes I find myself incorporating new practice to promote safety and infection prevention in my daily practice, which are two aspects of healthcare that I am very passionate about. I think working in the neuro ICU has led me to appreciate extremely clean work environments, as many of my patients have drains that are going into their brain, and an infection in this area would be catastrophic to their recovery NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.

Academic and professional resources through the University include professors and advisors, as well as writing center resources and more. I look forward to improving my writing skills over the next two years. Since I work at a teaching hospital, it seems that the resources provided to me are practically endless. I work directly with many NPs. My manager is a great advocate and resource, as are the charge nurses, and even the nurses I work with on a daily basis. Many of my coworkers are pursuing higher education and working toward becoming Nurse Practitioners or have the goal of becoming CRNAs. I enjoy being surrounded by so many professionals with great potential. I am excited to hopefully be working to my full potential as a nurse practitioner in just a few years. A recent case study during the Covid-19 crisis was able to show that NPs provide high-quality patient centered care when there was a shortage of doctors available (Thomas-Gayle & Muller, 2021). I look forward to working with all of you and learning together over the next two years! NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities


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sample reseponse

Your vision, mission, and goals are  in perfect line with Walden University’s vision, mission, and goals. More so, with the quality of academic, clinical, environmental, and social educational preparation and exposure, the Walden student is adequately and legitimately prepared to take on the primary care provider. This is due to the fact that any Walden prepared nurse practitioner has been built by astute professors to take on the world of expert leaders, confident fearless speakers, who fight for the common good of the society related to health care issues and services especially for the targeted special populations of our society. Walden prepared nurse practitioners are equipped  on how to manage received grants, or raise funds to provide and make available accessible clinics-ambulatory, non-ambulatory, children’s hospital, maternity clinics, on-the-site care centers, etc. (Walden University, n.d., 2018).

Walden students nurse practitioners form the solid networking that will influence and penetrate into the grassroots of pursuing positive health care policies for the good of the society (Wofford, 2018).

In conclusion, the inevitable successful story of the student nurse practitioner is well written with the assistance of the enrollment specialists, our instructors, the writing center specialists, nursing organizations who have the quest to make ensure that the institute of nursing is equivalent to the Institute of medicine (Walden University, n.d., 2018) NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.

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sample response 2

I enjoyed reading your post. Your post made me miss ICU. I had visions of Ventrics and Balloon Pumps in my head. Your husband working for Epic reminded me of a lifetime ago when I was a Superuser for them. I’m sure Epic has changed a lot over the ten years it has been since I used it. I agree with you in regards to the physician shortage. NPs and other mid-levels will be the futures of healthcare. Many MDs and DOs will need to go into surgery to offset the shortage as the need for surgeons grows. This will further increase the shortage of clinic based physicians. According to Boyle (2020) two out of five physicians will be over 65 in the next ten years. Their age of retirement will vary, but this figure indicates that the number of physicians practicing will decrease expeditiously over the next few decades. This will create a void that NPs and mid-levels will be able to fill.



Boyle, P. (2020, June 26). U.S. physician shortage growing. AAMC. NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities

post 2

Discussion – Week 1
My Goals

Hello everyone, my name is xxx. I graduated from nursing school in 2017 with my ADN and I completed my BSN in 2018 at Metropolitan State University in Minnesota. I have been a nurse for almost 4 years in home health providing private duty nursing care. I have had the opportunity to care for diverse clients with complex needs such as managing IVs, g-tubes, tracheostomies, and ventilators in the home setting with both the adult and pediatric population. However, since my scope of practice as a registered nurse is limited, I wanted to get more experience and knowledge in caring for patients with these needs. I decided to look into the acute care nurse practitioner role. My professional goal is to work with patients in the advanced practice level in an acute care setting. I found that by pursuing an MSN in AGACNP at Walden University, I will be able to get qualified to work in this nursing position and meet my goal of caring for patients with complex needs in the acute setting.

Walden University

Walden University’s vision, mission, and goals include “immediate solutions of critical societal challenges,” and “transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change” (Walden University, 2020c). This relates to my professional and academic goals because I hope to use the knowledge I gain to positively impact my local and global community. I believe that by completing my education at Walden University, I will be better equipped to contribute new solutions to world challenges based on research and critical thinking NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.


As a nurse I was able to and have enjoyed the chance to help support clients’ lives in the community and helping them stay out of the hospital. With an MSN degree from Walden, I hope to have the opportunity to make a better impact through social change in my community and in healthcare. I really liked the emphasis Walden has on creating positive social change and making a difference in the world. The college of nursing uses the scholar-practitioner model to advance nursing practice and implement progressive skills “in order to transform society” (Walden University 2020a). I feel that the MSN program’s outcomes meet my goals of becoming a scholar-practitioner hope to “transform health outcomes for diverse populations” as an AGACNP promoting the health of the community (Walden University 2020b).


Walden University. (2020a). College of nursing. Retrieved from

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Hello xx I enjoyed reading your post and learning about your background in nursing before Walden. I agree that attending Walden and pursuing your MSN in AGACNP will open up more opportunities and allow you to contribute new solutions to world challenges based on research and critical thinking. I also love your outlook on helping clients’ lives in the community and helping them stay out of the hospital.  I work in Public Health, and with my clientele, that is our primary goal. Once they leave the acute care setting, how can I, as a Public Health Nurse, aid in bettering their health and lifestyle changes? Attending Walden University will allow practitioners “cost-effective health care strategies that reduce health disparities by patient/population advocacy”(Walden University – Acalog Acms™, n.d.). If we empower our patients in the community to educate and help them understand their conditions better, they will better care for themselves. They will not land themselves back in a crisis that often leads them back into the hospital NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities.

Additionally, I feel that for our growth as lifelong learners, collaboration and networking with our colleagues are also very beneficial to our continued education. I think that joining a professional association would provide up-to-date information and resources and allow you to network within your specialty.  Professional networking “serves as an invaluable resource for knowledge that can be instrumental in advancing the nurse’s career”(Schmidt, 2020)

            I wish you well and success during your AGACNP journey and I hope to collaborate with you more during the course of the class!


Schmidt, K. (2020). 5 Reasons Nurses Should Engage in Professional Networking. BluePipes. Retrieved March 6, 2021, from

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