Posted: January 4th, 2023

NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities guide

NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities guide

The discussion  reflects on the school mission/vision and I will just provide these tips which are provided by Laman (2019):

Self Advocacy

When at college, students are left to talk with advisors, professors, resident advisors, etc. on their own. So it’s important to learn how and when to speak up.

Students must learn to identify their needs and know when they need assistance. Speaking to a college professor or seeking out additional resources can be intimidating for students, but remember that they are there to help and want you to succeed!

Working on communication is key to being able to advocate for yourself while still taking into account other people’s views and opinions. This assertiveness will help not only in dealing with academics, but also with friends and roommates NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities guide.

Time Management

The one thing every high school student looks forward to in college – FREEDOM! No one telling you to do your homework. No one is dictating when you can go hang out with friends or when you should be staying in to study. And no bedtimes!

But, this increase in personal responsibility actually leads to one of the biggest struggles … students are left to work independently to ensure their work is complete and their personal life is balanced. College students must have the ability of organize and prioritize all of their responsibilities. Then put it into action!


Team Work

It’s important to not only learn how to work with others but emerge as a leader. Not the “I’m the boss and whatever I say goes” kind of leader. But the motivational kind of leader. The one who is able to drive a project to completion, instead of waiting for others to take charge.

Part of working on a team (or even just one other person) is also learning how to compromise. Though tough to hear, you’re not always going to be right. And you’re not always going to have the best ideas. It will be important to ask question, actively listen and provide feedback, while also accepting constructive criticism and being flexible NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities guide.

Setting Goals

This is important both academically and personally and should start now! Each semester, each year, gives you a fresh start on setting and reaching your goals.

Setting and achieving goals, even the small ones, helps students to feel accomplished and increases confidence.

Respect And Acceptance

Most universities strive to have diversity. A balance of males and females, athletes and musicians, in-state and international students.

Students who are placed in circumstances with cultural diversity, or who seek out intercultural experiences will feel more comfortable and excited when arriving on campus.


Laman, J. (2019). 5 must have skills for college success. Blueprint Summer Program. NURS – 6003N Week 1 Discussion: Networking Opportunities guide

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