Posted: January 17th, 2023

NURS 510 Budget Analysis Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)

NURS 510 Budget Analysis Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)


Budget Analysis

Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)


The budget below is an example of a statistics based budget used for planning and projection of the UOS (units of service) that represents utilization of health services in a nurse-managed clinic.  A statistics budget is prepared prior to developing an operating budget because health care revenue and expenses are most often based on volume (this is true in acute care settings as well).  The volume statistics are also linked to the settings capacity or the maximum UOS that can be managed by the available staff.  Since health care environments are so variable, performance targets are most often set below capacity.

The budget below represents past budget performance for 2015 and 2016, and the projected budget for 2017. NURS 510 Budget Analysis Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)


Background and projections:

-the  NP capacity is based on performance targets for 4 encounters/day/NP for 2015 and 6 encounters/day/NP for 2016 and 2017.  This increase in capacity is due to the addition of administrative support which frees up the NPs to focus on patient care.

-the encounter per day are multiplied by the 224 days each NP is budgeted to work

-actual performance  is reported as actual encounters per day and the total encounters from ACO contracts and self pay encounters

-the performance target is for the NPs to work 95% of capacity, which is the level that the NPs function most efficiently.

-the 2017  budget projects 3,830 patient encounters, or 95% of the 4,032 capacity.

-the nurse managers and NPs decided to maintain the ACO contract fro disease management and wellness care. NURS 510 Budget Analysis Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)

-a contract for immunizations with Bigtown school district  decreases immunizations from 500 to 300 in 2017.  The NPs will focus on immunizing preschool children entering the school system rather than on school age children

-an increase in self-pay encounters is projected for 2017


Analysis questions:


  1. Based on the projections above provide your analysis of why these decisions might have been made for this clinic. Do you agree or disagree with the changes?  Why?
  2. Assume that the nurses working in the MNC have a 5% salary increase for the following budget year. Calculate the change to personnel expenses and the impact on total expenses and the impact on MNC profits.
  3. Discuss at least one (1) internal and one (1) external change or event that might affect the MNC budget in the next year.

(eg: maternity leave for one of the NPs,  a pandemic that closes                                                         schools,  ??????)

from Penner, S. (2017). Economics and Financial Management for Nurses and Nurse Leaders (3rd ed).  New York:  Springer Publishing Company. Order NURS 510 Budget Analysis Millway University Nurse-Managed Clinic (MNC)



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