Posted: July 10th, 2016

Consider Levels of Nursing Intervention for key health concerns in your community.7

Levels of Nursing Intervention

Consider Levels of Nursing Intervention for key health concerns in your community.
Develop nursing interventions at the community and system level of care aimed at primary prevention for population of interest/at risk.

Draft interventions using culturally competent assessments and interventions to address primary prevention (see table below). Interviewing family or health care professional involved with the population at risk may help you create a successful plan. Support your ideas with the scholarly literature. (Do not include the individual level of nursing care.)

Levels of Nursing Intervention

Nursing Interventions/Services
Level of Prevention
Individual / Family
This is an important area to address, but do not focus your project on the individual
Focus of Project
Focus of Project

Do not focus on individuals for this project
You may include secondary prevention in addition to primary prevention
You may include a focus on secondary prevention in addition to primary prevention
Up to now most of your practice has been focused at this level of care. (Acute Care) In this course you will focus on primary prevention.
Also, consider the following as they relate to your chosen population-based health problem.
Services provided by other health care providers
Lack of services
Cultural beliefs of community (group)
Health/illness beliefs
Values, attitudes, health behaviors and practices
Please address the following:
Provide a few examples of community resources that need to be in place to assist your population group’s problem. What resources are missing?

Are there any cultural-based related issues regarding your group that should inform your approach to care?
Identify one evidence-based behavior change technique to promote health in this population.
Suggest one evidence-based intervention to address the health problem for your population of interest.

Levels of Nursing Intervention

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