Posted: January 23rd, 2023

Latest nursing project topics

Is it time for your nursing project topics? If yes, it means you have reached an exciting time. You are about to finish your education and take on a career path. Taking a project is mainly the most memorable part of studying. Projects are different from the regular class studying as your study in class is guided by a subject and the skills you get from each one.

A project is different as it encourages you to make decisions and choices about the direction you wish to take. A project is done independently, and that control aims to give you experience and introduce a different way to learn valuable skills. However, nursing project topics are not the easiest to come up with as it needs some getting used to.

Different kinds of projects

Projects take different forms depending on your level of education. You will probably do some projects as an assignment in a module. This maybe is individual or as a group. Other small projects are assigned to you at school.

Further on in your studies, you will have to do doctorate research, such as Ph.D. or EdD. Projects in these levels of education are large and take years to complete and perfect. At the end of your project, you are considered an expert in your specialty area.

In between these levels, you will take a project module during the final stages of an undergraduate degree. In some places, this is referred to as a final-year project. No matter the level of education, students find it rather challenging to develop a research project that has enough literature material and, most importantly, will see them succeed and proceed to graduate.

What is the importance of a project?

A project allows you to involve yourself more in learning through experience. You gain more exposure through planning, research, critical thinking, and reporting activities. While all these things seem far during coursework in school, they come to life in a project.

Planning, conducting, and reporting will assist you in gaining essential skills in planning and managing your project. These skills will come in handy later in your career as they can help you through any project. These skills will help you think systematically about how to actualize an idea into reality. Project planning and management have applications beyond your studies.

Further, a project shows cases your abilities. Since you do a project at the end of your course, you use the knowledge and skills learned in your project. Your paper shows that you can produce a successful paper through planning and acquired skills. A well-done project can make you stand out while looking for a job.

Although you take the lead in making critical choices while doing a project, you should be guided by your tutor. You should get feedback on whether your plans and ideas are appropriate in every step. The main focus should be to make follow-up grosses inquiries in each step to avoid being disqualified for writing a paper irrelevant to the subject matter.

Nursing research projects

Whether you are in clinical placement or not, you need to complete a nursing research project as part of a practicum. A nursing research project includes the following:

  • Educational evaluation
  • Patient safety
  • Survey
  • Informatics
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Research
  • Quality improvement

Nursing research topics in medical-surgical nursing

As a surgical nurse, you are involved in perioperative care, whereby you provide care to patients before, during, and after an operation. Four principles, namely guide you:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Implementing
  • Evaluating

As a surgical nurse, you need to be versatile and flexible through obtaining comprehensive knowledge and competency. If this is your area of study, you will require in-depth research on nursing research topics in medical surgical nursing. A good topic goes to more extraordinary lengths to enable you to succeed in your academics.

  1. Moral distress among surgical nurses
  2. Burnout in surgical units
  3. Role of nurses in surgical wards
  4. Pain management and assessment in surgical nursing
  5. Understanding medical surgical nursing
  6. Post-surgery care
  7. Patient’s satisfaction with the care provided pre and post-surgery by nurses in the surgical units
  8. Critical thinking in patient care
  9. Medical-surgical nurse’s leadership abilities in cases of patient deterioration care
  10. Technology use in contemporary surgical nursing
  11. Treating and managing wounds role of intensive care nurse
  12. Comparing minor and major surgery
  13. The importance of nurses in operating theaters
  14. Details and complications of general anesthesia
  15. Surgical sepsis
  16. Treatment and care of diabetic foot

Midwifery research project topics

As a midwife, your specialty is childbirth and women’s reproductive health. Other than that, you have other roles during emergencies and pre and postnatal care. These roles and responsibilities open avenues for project research, and below are examples of topics you can explore:

  1. Evaluating the impact of delayed cord clamping
  2. Maternal and neonatal care in remote regions
  3. Mental illness and postnatal period
  4. Pregnancy and mental illness
  5. Impact of HIV on pregnant women
  6. Midwifery continued care
  7. Obese women and risks in natural birth
  8. Pros and cons of water birth
  9. Impacts of hepatitis B in pregnant women
  10. Advanced trends in obstetrics
  11. Emerging trends n midwifery and gynecology
  12. Nurse’s role in improving patient safety during childbirth
  13. Perception of midwifery as a career path by adolescents
  14. Factors contributing to malnutrition in children below five years
  15. Factors associated with home birth with unskilled assistance
  16. Obstetric and nutrition factors associated with anemia among pregnant women
  17. Symptoms of neonatal sepsis among post-delivery mothers
  18. Use of contraceptives among undergraduate students
  19. Sexual and reproduction education among high school students
  20. Preeclampsia and eclampsia knowledge and myths influence antenatal services

Evidence-based practice nursing project topics

The research used in evidence-based practice can be quantitative, qualitative, or both. These two types are further divided into several categories. Understanding how nursing research can be categorized will help you structure a winning paper.

  1. Improved quality care through evidence-based nursing
  2. Quality implications of theoretical foundations of evidence-based practice
  3. Different treatment procedures through evidence-based practice
  4. A review of evidence-based practice perspective on palliative care in an inpatient setting
  5. Evidence-based practices for the disabled
  6. Mental health nursing perspective on evidence-based based in the USA
  7. Importance of evidence-based practice and why it is highly recommended
  8. Evidence-based practice approach to recruitment of nursing staff
  9. Nursing staff view on the implementation of evince-based practice in the USA
  10. Use of social media in the application of evidence-based practice provision
  11. A critical review of the challenges in the implementation of evidence-based practice in nursing in the USA
  12. An investigation of how practitioners evaluate evidence-based practice
  13. What is the view of nursing students on evidence-based practice in nursing
  14. How do nurses translate evidence-based practice into practice
  15. Qualitative guidelines on whether an evidence-based practice has any effects on enhancing nurses’ critical thinking skills
  16. How do nurses use evidence-based practice on themselves
  17. Does evidence-based practice play in role in decision making in intensive care in the USA

Infection control project ideas

Infection control is an evidence-based approach to preventing infection in a healthcare setting. You may choose an infection control project topic as the subject matter for your research.

  1. Ventilator-associated infections
  2. Catheter-associated urinary tract infection
  3. Multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens
  4. Prevention of the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms
  5. Prevention of transmission of antibiotic-resistant organisms and other infectious threats in healthcare
  6. How can healthcare-associated infections be managed
  7. Bacteriotherapy for wound healing
  8. Ways of preventing oral infections among school-going children
  9. Ideas on how to prevent and control infections in high school
  10. A solution to antibiotic overuse
  11. Adherence to hand hygiene guidelines
  12. Antimicrobial resistance

Examples of nursing projects

Towards the end of your studies, you will be required to write a capstone project on the features of medical care. This project is necessary for you to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a master’s in nursing. This paper is almost similar to other academic assignments.

You can have a topic from women’s health, informatics, or any other area of interest. What is crucial is to answer a question or discuss a problem and show your understanding of the project idea. Below are general inspirations for your nursing project ideas.

  1. The connection between care level and a patient’s ability to pay
  2. Effects of leadership on healthcare providers
  3. Importance of health history and its relevance to patient care
  4. Macro trend’s effects on the US healthcare
  5. How to become a registered nurse after school
  6. Qualities of a nurse leader
  7. A patient’s mental health effects based on how a nurse engages with them during treatment
  8. Burnout
  9. Stress management among nurses
  10. Nursing ethical practices
  11. A nurse’s inclusion and engagement effects
  12. Ways of making healthcare more affordable for all Americans
  13. Ways in which nursing organizations can improve

Nursing projects ideas for mental health

There’s a lot of prejudice about mental health. It is, however, important to discuss the issues that surround it to inform, be sensitive and educate. Some topics may help you to come up with nursing projects ideas:

  1. Effects of sexual abuse on children’s mental health
  2. How to prevent teenage suicide rates
  3. Influence of domestic abuse on children
  4. Ways of introducing mental health programs to different cultures
  5. Effects of smoking on mental health
  6. Impact of meditation on improving and maintaining mental health
  7. How to offer mental health services to be deaf people
  8. Mental health stigma to patients and their families
  9. PTSD management
  10. Effects of homelessness on mental health
  11. Access to mental health services for a specific group of people
  12. Ways of improving mental health education among the patients
  13. Drugs use on mental health
  14. Decision making on behalf of a mentally ill patient
  15. Therapies are ideal o help improve mental health
  16. Behavioral therapy to treat psychiatric patients
  17. Nurse’s attitude toward relapse prevention among psychiatric in mental hospitals
  18. Bipolar disorders
  19. Psychiatric ethics
  20. Physical trauma and recovery methods

Nursing projects topics on women’s health

There are many topics specific to women’s health, including but not limited to pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Below are some ideas:

  1. Female genital mutilation
  2. Early-onset menopause
  3. Induced birth
  4. Symptoms of menopause and how to deal with it
  5. Effects of smoking on pregnant women and the babies
  6. Factors on whether to breastfeed or not
  7. Different birth control approaches
  8. Health care services for women with cervical cancer
  9. Pros and cons of breast pumps
  10. Management of diabetes during pregnancy
  11. Pelvic floor issues and how to manage them
  12. Diagnosis and treatment of Postpartum depression

Nursing informatics project topics

Technology has played a massive role in improving the healthcare industry. Below are suggestions of topics you can choose for

  1. Use of robotics in surgery
  2. Data management in healthcare facilities
  3. Data security
  4. Use of technology in nursing training
  5. Controversies in nurse informatics
  6. Better ways of upgrading information systems in healthcare facilities
  7. Ways in which e-health can improve healthcare in remote areas
  8. Data management and ethics in the medical industry
  9. Ways in which technology can help deal with nurse shortage in remote areas
  10. Importance of nurse informatics
  11. Impact of data breaches on healthcare
  12. Ways to prevent data breaches in healthcare facilities

Pediatric nursing projects topics

Top-quality care for children and adolescent is imperative for healthcare. If you are writing a project on this topic, below are ideas to use

  1. Ways of recognizing sexual abuse in children
  2. Sleep apnea in children
  3. Dealing with a child with a terminal illness
  4. Effects of losing a child on the hospital staff
  5. Effects of divorce on a child’s health
  6. Ways of improving pediatric care for the less privileged
  7. Management and prevention of meningitis
  8. Recognizing abuse among children
  9. Diagnosis and management of autism
  10. Improving healthcare for children with cancer

Project topics on nursing burnout

Burnout is an issue in many places, usually resulting from long working hours or being understaffed. It can, however, have severe consequences in hospitals. If you have an interesting in exploring this topic in your project, below are ideas:

  1. How to identify and prevent nurse burnout
  2. Burnout comparison between two different areas
  3. Effects of group therapies on nurses
  4. Techniques that help prevent burnout
  5. Skills that can help nurses curb burnout
  6. Comparison between burnout causes in two different departments
  7. Main signs of burnout
  8. Effects of burnout on a nurse and a patient’s safety
  9. Coping strategies when you experience burnout
  10. Ways in which universities can help students learn how to avoid a burnout
  11. Different approaches to nurse burnout in different countries
  12. Which a workplace can contribute to nurse burnout

Health-promoting nursing project ideas

As a nurse, you are working on ensuring patient health by providing services that promote, relieve, and manage healthy living; there are topics you can choose for your project topic.

  1. Promoting awareness of HIV
  2. Promoting the importance of healthy living
  3. Promoting the need for cancer screening
  4. Reducing depression in young people
  5. Effects of smoking passive smokers
  6. Nutrition for patients with cardiovascular diseases
  7. Promoting physical activity among the elderly
  8. Increasing knowledge on how UV radiation is associated with causing skin cancer
  9. Promoting cyberbullying awareness
  10. Promoting awareness of sexual infections
  11. Promoting awareness of and effects of opioids
  12. Improving mental health awareness
  13. Promoting knowledge and acceptability of cervical screening among female undergraduate students
  14. Medically unexplained symptoms in the ER
  15. Bias in healthcare financing
  16. Economic evaluation in primary healthcare

Elderly nursing project topics

  1. Cardiovascular risk reduction
  2. Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Parkinson’s disease
  4. Bladder cancer disorder
  5. Cerebrovascular disorders
  6. Critical care requirements
  7. Promoting physical exercise
  8. Depression among the elderly
  9. Mental health among the elderly
  10. Joint disorders in the elderly

Nursing project topics on pain management

  1. Opioid use in rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Pain limits analysis
  3. Pros and cons of therapeutic injections
  4. Abdominal pain management in children
  5. Phantom pains phenomenon
  6. Opioids and bone healing

Obstetrics nursing project topics

  1. Prevalence of primary cesarean section
  2. Predictors of maternal and perinatal mortality
  3. Bacterial antibiotic sensitivity patterns
  4. Hepatitis B virus coinfection in pregnancy
  5. Immediate obstetrics outcomes in teenage pregnancies
  6. Effects of female genital mutilation in laboring women

Bottom line

A project is an essential piece of work before, and it is mandatory to complete one before graduating. As a nursing student, you have a pool of nursing project topics based on the area of study and interest.

Of importance is to ensure that you choose a topic with enough literature material and one relevant to your field. In-depth research and proper understanding of your topic are critical, and that’s why it is essential to engage your tutor for guidance each step of the way.

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