Posted: December 30th, 2022

Kirby Bauer examination (Antimicrobial sensitivity test)

Kirby Bauer examination (Antimicrobial sensitivity test)

Antimicrobial sensitivity test

The Kirby Bauer examination can also be referred to as disk diffusion technique, it is mostly used antibiotic test in the determination of the choice of antibiotics to be employed when treating an infection. The technique depends on the reserve of microbial development tested under normal circumstances.


In the test, a culture medium, precisely Mueller Hinton agar, is consistently and aseptically cultured with the organism to be tested, and then sieve paper floppies, that is soaked with a particular saturation of a certain antibiotic, are positioned on the medium. The microorganism will nurture on the agar plate whereas the antibiotic functions to prevent the development.  If the microorganism is vulnerable to a particular antibiotic, no growth will be observed around the disc comprising the antibiotic. Therefore, a region of prevention may be detected and tested to decide the vulnerability to an antibiotic for the specific microorganism. The results are matched to the standards put in place by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI). The organism can later be grouped as either Resistant (R), Intermediate (I), or Susceptible (S) Kirby Bauer examination (Antimicrobial sensitivity test).

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