Posted: December 24th, 2016

Interdisciplinary team work is very important in healthcare as it helps various team members gain understanding of how to follow a patient’s care plan.

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discussion 1

As we enter into this new profession it is important to consider the team that we will be working with. In the last few years it has become more apparent that working in interdisciplinary teams creates a better outcome for the patients. There are many factors that can enhance an interdisciplinary team. According to Al Sayah et al., 2014, leadership, team, support, and environment are the four major components to building a good interdisciplinary team. Having a good leadership team that has common goals of how the team will enhance the patient’s outcomes. The relationship of the team members and whether they have developed trust within their team. This has to be built and to do that we should practice like we play, such as in mock codes. Respect each other for what they are able to bring to the table. The support process is a major part of the continuing support for the patient. The patient having follow up throughout. An environment can often enhance or diminish the outcome of the team’s success. Keeping the team decentralized will lead to better success. Nurses have implemented programs such as TEAM STEPPS into their teams as well as closed loop communication. Everyone needs to be on the same page and feel as though they are an important part of the team.


Al Sayah, F., Szafran, O., Robertson, S., Bell, N. R., & Williams, B. (2014). Nursing perspectives on factors influencing interdisciplinary teamwork in the Canadian primary care setting. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23(19/20), 2968-2979. doi:10.1111/jocn.12547

discussion 2

Professor and Class

Work in interdisciplinary teams is becoming increasingly prevalence supported by policies and practices which bring care closer to the patient. Interdisciplinary team work is process in which different types of staff work together to share expertise, knowledge, and skills to impact on patient care, Nancarow et al, 2013. Collaboration is very important component in team process. it requires competence, commitment and confidence in the part of other team members. It is necessary to work in interdisciplinary team because, the population is getting older and frail with chronic diseases, the complex nature and skill require to provide care, the increase in specialization in healthcare profession, the pursuit of continuity of care within the move towards continuous quality improvement. The interdisciplinary team has to integrate changing values and this causes workforce restructuring. Interdisciplinary team work is very important in healthcare as it helps various team members gain understanding of how to follow a patient’s care plan.


Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work

Susan A NancarrowEmail author, Andrew Booth, Steven Ariss, Tony Smith, Pam Enderby and Alison Roots

the discussion question was:

This week we talked about the core competencies for health profession’s education and looked at nursing informatics and how that area has been guided by development within the profession. Consider the remaining competencies: provide patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, employ evidence-based practice, and apply quality improvement. Select one of these competencies and describe changes which nursing has made to achieve the competency.

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