Posted: July 8th, 2016

Installing a new nursing documentation system for a home health agency

Nursing documentation system

Assume you are working with an implementation team in installing a new nursing documentation system for a home health agency. Historically, the agency’s nursing documentation was recorded in paper form. The agency has little computerization beyond basic registration information and has no IT staff.

Members of the implementation have recommended installing a new nursing documentation system. Included in the list of recommendations are:

The system needs to take into account the State Nursing Practice Act.
The system must reflect state laws governing the scope of nursing practice.
Nurses should be involved in the workflow setup for all medication tasks, including:
drug interactions
medication failures
There should be a visit notes template that both nurses and doctors have to approve.
Will there be specific notes that only the nurses will approve?
Nurses would like to determine how telephone calls are entered into the system.
Create a post explaining fully your answer to the questions below.

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