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Based on 130+ customer’s reviews

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    Professionalism in Nursing

    What professionalism in nursing means

    A recent study reports that professional boundaries continue to be blurred as more nurses take on administrative roles. The study also found that nurses are increasingly being asked to provide patient care tasks they haven’t been trained for, further challenging the professional nurse-patient relationship. Moreover, patient transgression is an increasing problem.

    Despite the proliferation of nursing organizations dedicated to promoting high standards of nursing practice and educating nurses about their role in preserving professional boundaries, patient transgressions continue to occur. Examples include patients who are rude or demanding of nurses, who physically or verbally abuse them, or who attempt to touch their bodies.

    The study surveyed more than 2,000 registered nurses working in acute care settings about their experience with patient transgression. One-third reported at least one instance of patient transgressions. Of those, 75% reported verbal abuse, 53% had been the object of a sexual advance and 38% had experienced physical violence from a patient or someone acting on behalf of a patient.

    Why is professionalism important for nurses?

    The study also looked at the frequency with which nurses have to perform tasks outside their normal scope of practice as a result of staffing shortages, an increasing trend. Nurses reported being asked to perform tasks for which they are not trained or have no background eight to nine times per month on average. This ranged from administering medications outside their normal role, performing wound care after hours, managing ventilators and catheters to drawing blood and giving shots. Other duties nurses take on include: inserting and removing foley and urethral catheters, performing wound debridement and irrigation, applying dressing changes, assisting with colostomy care, providing routine epidural infusions and administering blood transfusions.

    Why is professionalism important for nurses?

    So how can nurses maintain their professionalism? The study recommends being familiar with organizational policies regarding patient care and the prevention of transgressions. It also suggests that nurses have a system for reporting transgressions so their concerns can be addressed. In addition, registered nurses should maintain appropriate boundaries during the course of the workday to protect themselves from potential harm and to ensure patients feel respected by them in order to support a positive therapeutic relationship.

    Importance of Professionalism in Nursing

    Professionalism is of utmost importance in nursing. The nurse-patient relationship is a fundamental aspect of the profession and based on that encounter, includes showing compassion towards patients. Nurses are in a unique position in which they may come into contact with patients at every stage in their lives and under different conditions. Professionalism in nursing can be displayed through the nurse’s conduct, service delivery, and interactions with their patients and colleagues. Nurses must be involved members of their societies and they must actively participate in the promotion and preservation of professional nursing standards.

    Professional Boundaries

    “Professional boundaries can be thought of as invisible parameters which delineate what is considered appropriate conduct for nurses, and likewise inappropriate conduct for those outside the profession. These boundaries are different from facility to facility and shift to shift. Boundaries include the nurse-patient relationship as well as the nurse-nurse relationship. Nurses should be aware that there may be circumstances when other healthcare providers will approach them with a request for assistance or advice outside of their roles as nurses. It is important for nurses, especially those in leadership positions, to be proactive and clear about their response to such requests. It is advisable that nurses who choose to decline to engage in tasks outside of their normal responsibilities explore whether contact with the requester can be made at another time.”

    Nurses are entrusted with protecting patient confidentiality. Nurses must remember that information learned during the course of providing care to one patient must remain confidential when caring for other patients. This extends to verbal and written communication, the Internet, telephone service, pagers, voice messaging systems, fax machines, computers (including e-mail), cellular telephones and all forms of electronic


    Nurses must maintain confidentiality when using them in any form.”

    Nurses have a duty to report professional or ethical violations by their colleagues. However, nurses have a responsibility not to disclose confidential information gained from other nurses in the course of providing nursing care.

    How is professionalism applied in nursing?

    The nurse’s primary responsibility is toward his/her patient and maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship between himself/herself and the patient. Nurses should not engage in any behavior that would erode that relationship or harm the patient.

    All nurses are members of the public, and as such, they have a responsibility to act responsibly with regard to their professional duties, moral obligations, legal constraints, and personal behavior.

    How do you promote professionalism in nursing?

    “As nurses continue to advance their role as a leader in the profession, they need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities as leaders. By being a respected member of your community you can show leadership qualities.

    As nurses advance within the health care profession it is important to maintain a high standard of professional conduct. The various code of ethics outlines ethical principles formed by support groups for nursing. These codes of ethics can be modified to suit the needs of the group, but all contain certain basic elements.

    The following are four applicable principles used by a Code of Ethics for Nurses

    1) Respect for Autonomy-the principle that no one has the right to make choices for another person unless there is a clear case in which the person is unable to make decisions.

    2) Beneficence-the duty to act in the best interest of the patient, or research subject.

    3) Nonmaleficence-The duty to avoid doing harm.

    4) Justice-the duty to treat all people fairly.”

    Define professionalism in nursing

    Nurses are responsible for protecting patient confidentiality. The nurse must ensure that all health information is received, processed, and stored in a manner consistent with the applicable federal, state, and local laws governing the confidentiality of patient records.

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