Posted: November 7th, 2016

Identify the roles of the nurse in each phase of the perioperative or endoscopic period.

APA STYLE PAPER “OR EXPERIENCE” the patient having surgery is a male having a open appendectomy and bowel resection with partial colectomy and reconnection of remaining parts In this paper has to be included couple things observer in the operating room there are couple people in the room surgical tech ( scrub tech) surgeon surgeon student working with the surgeon circulating nurse (RN she do time out, count with surgical tech the instrument before, before closing and after closing) anesthesia provider in this example is CRNA the anesthesiologist comes on the beginning when the patient its intubated also the medication patient receives during the procedure Guidelines for the Perioperative EXPERIENCE The focus of the clinical experience is the assessment of individuals during the preoperative, intraoperative. Additionally, the student will observe the roles of the various team members during the process. After completion of the clinical experience, the student will be able to 1. Describe how the nurse prepares a patient for surgery or endoscopic procedure, including physical, psychological, and legal aspects. 2. Observe the care of the individual during the operation or procedure and determine the nursing priorities for the observed patients. 3. Identify the roles of the nurse in each phase of the perioperative or endoscopic period. 4. Describe the measures used to promote safety during the perioperative or endoscopic period. Including specific measures to protect the patient during the procedure. 5. Assist with the immediate care of the patient in the PACU or post procedure, if allowed. 6. Complete a written summary of the clinical experience. The written summary is to include the student’s thoughts and observations with regard to items 1-5 above and the following details: a. A description of the type of surgery or endoscopic procedure b. Identification of two nursing diagnoses that apply to the patient c. Describe the role of the circulating nurse d. Describe the role of the scrub tech, if in the OR. e. Describe the type of anesthesia administered to the patient and the patient’s response to the anesthetic f. Describe the use of sterile technique in the operating room g. Discuss how the dignity and privacy of the patient is maintained

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