Posted: January 25th, 2017

Identify key interdisciplinary team personnel needed and how this team will provide care to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.


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Instruction from Professor:


Throughout this course, you were provided case studies that focused on cardiovascular, pulmonary, genitourinary, and musculoskeletal disorders. You will pick one (Emphysema) of these cases to analyze and create a comprehensive care plan for acute/chronic care, disease prevention, and health promotion for that patient and disorder. Your care plan should be based on current best practices and supported with citations from current literature, such as systematic reviews, published practice guidelines, standards of care from specialty organizations, and other research based resources. In addition, you will provide a detailed scientific rationale that justifies the inclusion of this evidence in your plan. Your paper should adhere to APA format for title page, headings, citations, and references. The paper should be no more than 10 pages typed excluding title page and references.


Case Study Evaluation

Analyze the disorder addressing the following elements: pathophysiology, signs/symptoms, progression trajectory, diagnostic testing, and treatment options.

Differentiate the disorder from normal development.

Discuss the physical and psychological demands the disorder places on the patient and family.

Explain the key concepts that must be shared with the patient and family to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.

Identify key interdisciplinary team personnel needed and how this team will provide care to achieve optimal disorder management and outcomes.

Interpret facilitators and barriers to optimal disorder management and outcomes.

Describe strategies to overcome the identified barriers.

Care Plan Synthesis

Design a comprehensive and holistic recognition and planning for the disorder.

Address how the patient’s socio-cultural background can potentially impact optimal management and outcomes.

Demonstrate an evidence-based approach to address key issues identified in the case study.

Formulate a comprehensive but tailored approach to disorder management.

Pulmonary Clinical Case: Emphysema

Case Study Evaluation

You need to develop each topic below:


Signs and Symptoms

Progression Trajectory

Diagnostic Testing

Treatment Options-Medications-Therapy-Surgical Option

Differentiate the Disorder from Normal Development

Physical and Psychological Demands the Disorder Places on the Patient and Family

Key Concepts that Must Be Shared with the Patient and Family to Achieve Optimal Disorder Management and Outcomes

Key Interdisciplinary Team Personnel Needed and How This Team will Provide Care to Achieve Optimal Disorder Management and Outcomes

Facilitators and Barriers to Optimal Disorder Management and Outcomes

Strategies to Overcome the Identified Barriers

Care Plan Synthesis

Comprehensive and Holistic Recognition and Planning for the Disorder

How the Patient’s Socio-Cultural Background can Potentially Impact Optimal Management and Outcomes

Evidence-Based Approach to Address Key Issues Identified in the Case Study

Comprehensive but Tailored Approach to Disorder Management

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