Posted: January 10th, 2023

How to write nursing philosophy: Full guide 2024

As a nursing student, you can easily build a great reputation throughout your career. Delivering the best services and performing well academically is the road taken by most nurses. You can set the bar higher by developing a nursing philosophy outlining the values, beliefs, and goals that motivate other nurses to be the best.

In this article, we have made it easy for you by helping you understand the philosophy of nursing, how it impacts your career, nursing philosophy examples, and how to develop a nursing philosophy paper. It also allows you to improve and showcase your writing expertise.

Philosophy nursing definition

In recent years, the most searched question on the internet has been, “What is a nursing philosophy?” This article has the cure for your migraine. A nursing philosophy is a document outlining the personal traits (values and beliefs) and work ethics that drive them to a successful career. When writing your nursing philosophy paper, you can also include your education, training, and career goals as a nurse.

You will come across other nursing philosophy statement examples that describe what nursing means to you, how to be the most famous nurse, or traits of a good nurse. This is one way to write your nursing philosophy paper, but our guide provides the best tips for writing a superb essay. Before we dive into more details, let’s first explain the impacts of a nursing philosophy on your career.

Why is nursing philosophy important?

Different philosophers have published philosophical papers that have caught a large audience’s attention. Scholars such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, and Aristotle have a reputation for writing popular nursing philosophy papers. You can join this team by using their articles as personal nursing philosophy examples to guide you.

The journey of writing a nursing philosophy paper has various impediments. You can save trouble by ordering your paper from an online writing platform. Impress your professor by writing a splendid nursing philosophy by only writing your name and unit code.

If you look forward to demonstrating your writing skills and knowledge, writing a personal nursing philosophy paper is a chance you shouldn’t let pass. Writing a nursing philosophy paper will help you in different situations like:

·       Improving your communication skills with your patients, their families, and your colleagues

Writing about your nursing values like integrity, dependability, and respect will help you uphold these values when interacting with your patient. In an illustration, you can be a dependable nurse by giving a hand to a colleague in completing a complex procedure or presenting your integrity trait by accepting and fixing your mistakes.

·         It helps you deal with and get motivated when dealing with professional challenges.

Some of the challenges you might encounter in your workplace as nursing are extending your shifts, pressure from your patients, and completing your studies. Remembering what drove you to become a nurse will keep you going and determined to deal with these challenges. Your philosophy may revolve around being able to make a difference in patients’ lives, which may help you put your long shifts into perspective.

·         Guides you in writing a concise and engaging resume

While applying for a nursing job, you can present a resume with a goal or outline proclamation that features what makes you a unique nurse and why you are an enthusiast of delivering patient care. Composing this goal can be simpler when you’ve pondered and developed your nursing philosophy, which frequently incorporates either of these components.

        It gets you prepared for the questions to expect during your nursing interview

The most frequently asked questions during the interview are what drove you to pursue a nursing career, what keeps you motivated, and how your qualities align with the association. You can survey your nursing reasoning explanation while planning for your meeting to assist you with creating replies to these inquiries.

Now and again, businesses may straightforwardly request your nursing theory, so assessing it before the meeting can all the more likely assist you with discussing it.

·         It helps you make solid career development decisions

The effect you need to have as a medical caretaker is, in many cases, a critical component of nursing reasoning, and you can utilize this component to direct you in choosing nursing jobs, propelling your schooling, acquiring proficient affirmations, and taking on positions of authority that all line up with your way of thinking.

How to write a quality nursing philosophy paper

Every student dreams of achieving a first-class honor when completing their academic nursing journey. To achieve this dream, settling for less is not an option. Follow these steps to draft a quality nursing philosophy statement:

1.      Evaluate your motivation factor for pursuing nursing

Nursing students get motivated to pursue a nursing course through different scenarios, such as receiving treatment from an excellent nurse, having a nurse as their role model, observing how nurses deliver healthcare services, or connecting easily with people. Write about a scenario or people who inspired you to pursue nursing and why this career choice.

2.      Determine the impact of nursing on your life

When writing your nursing philosophy paper, you must analyze the benefits of pursuing a nursing program, enlighten people on the importance of observing healthcare, and your contributions to delivering healthcare in your institution. When writing your nursing philosophy statement, include this information to demonstrate your motivation and connection to nursing.

3.      List your strengths as a nurse.

Understanding your nursing skills can help you use your philosophy statement to reaffirm and strive to keep improving your nursing abilities. You can list out the personality traits and skills needed to be a nurse or the character that makes you a great nurse, such as:

  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Kindness
  • Time management
  • Team working

Your next step is to select a few traits from your list that you are most skilled at or that you believe will impact your nursing career significantly.

4.      Highlight your personality traits

List the values that shape how you approach patient care as a nurse. Some values might include:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Patience
  • Teamwork
  • Quality

Describe how your characteristics connect to your nursing career. If your values include service, teamwork, and accountability, you might join them in your philosophy like this:

  • Pursuing a nursing career helps you serve your community by delivering healthcare services.
  • Join hands with your healthcare colleagues to provide comprehensive care to society.
  • Being an accountable nurse refers to observing and adhering to the standards of your facility and the healthcare community so that you provide the best and safest care possible.

5.      Present the positive impact that you will bring to the society as a nurse

Your philosophy of nursing should also consist of your goals as a nurse. This motivates and guides you to become the nurse you have always admired. As a nurse, you can easily improve people’s lives in your society by educating them on measures of health or creating a comfortable treatment environment for patients with chronic illnesses.

6.      Always reevaluate your nursing philosophy as you progress in your career.

As you advance in your nursing career, you will encounter various impediments that might change your point of view on nursing and the goals you have set. To ensure nothing changes and you evolve with your nursing philosophy, you must regularly review your nursing philosophy statement using new skills, traits, values, motivations, goals, or patient care approaches.

Tips for writing a nursing philosophy

Before you begin drafting your nursing philosophy statement, take into account the following tips:

·         Be brief and precise

Write one to three sentences to keep your statement concise, making it easier to remember and use in your resume or nursing interviews.

·         Connect your paper to real-life scenarios

Use active verbs to encourage you to follow your philosophy through specific experiences.

·         Develop a draft and stick it where you see it every time you wake up

Place a copy where you can see it often. Consider writing it down on paper and posting it somewhere you’re likely to see it daily, such as in your work locker or desk.

How to write an eye-catching thesis statement for your nursing philosophy paper?

Understanding what your professor needs you to include in your paper helps you not to worry about how to write a nursing philosophy. Ensure you draft an informative thesis statement to keep your audience engaged in your paper. When writing your thesis statement, you should consider the following:

  • Emphasize the claim or support that some arguments for the thesis are weak;
  • Find a defense versus the criticism of other sides;
  • Develop solid points and concepts to support your thesis statement;
  • Remember to incorporate a few counter-samples to your thesis;
  • Differentiate between your weak and robust arguments using opposing points of view in the thesis statement;
  • Keep your thesis captivating by using a sample nursing philosophy;
  • Open a debate on whether some philosophers are committed to the claim by personal opinions;
  • Think about what would happen if the thesis were actual;
  • Proofread and edit the thesis using some objections.

Structure of a nursing philosophy paper outline?

Having a great outline guarantees you 80% success in your essay. The transparency of any essay will depend on your paper’s flow and structure, which most students find trouble composing. The outline size depends on the volume of the student’s work: a project of five pages will require an outline made of one page.

  • Introduction
  • Background information where you define the terms and concepts used
  • The primary reason why students should get enrolled in studying sociology
  • Your second argument on why students should enroll in the sociology program
  • The final sound reason why one should enroll in studying sociology
  • Conclusion

How do you write an introduction to a nursing philosophy paper?

Now that we have exhausted writing a thesis statement, we can jump into how to write a nursing philosophy paper introduction. An important section of your paper requires you to include features like the intriguing question to drive the discussion, the position an author plans to take regarding the offered problem, and how the work will argue the offered position. Ensure that you are clear, concise, and challenging.

Elements of a nursing philosophy paper body

It is essential to include the following facets when developing the body of your philosophy. Begin by presenting:

  • Reason
  • Use citations and support from other philosophers
  • Anticipated objections
  • Denial of objections
  • Transition to the following argument (find the list of transition words online)

What to include in your nursing philosophy paper conclusion?

This is the final section of your nursing philosophy paper. Most students find trouble figuring out how to write a conclusion for a nursing philosophy paper. In this section, it is recommended that you summarize your arguments within a 2 or 3-sentence paragraph.

Keep your sentences short and informative. You can leave your audience in a dilemma or question nursing philosophy. This will give them the urge to know more about your philosophy.

15 most popular philosophy paper topics

Before we finish this article, look at the list of good topics. These topics have been categorized according to the three major fields where philosophy is used. Choose a topic you are comfortable with and can easily achieve more information.

Political philosophy paper topics

Political topics can make a worthy presidential candidate out of a college or university student. Some of the most engaging topics that you choose from in this category include:

  • Human Rights
  • Economic Justice & Justice for All
  • Discussing the Balance between War & Peace
  • The Social Contract
  • The Gaps of Democratic Regime

Philosophy Paper on Abortion

A paper on abortion might be tricky & sensitive. It requires accurate and relevant research on the discussion topic.

  • A Defense of Abortion
  • Ethical Aspects of Abortion
  • Anti-Abortion Argumentative Essay
  • The Consequences of Becoming a Teenage Mom
  • The Arguments of People Who Support Abortion (What is the Role of Such Doctors?)

Easy Philosophy Topics

What about some easy philosophy topics?

  • Comparing Political & Legal Sciences
  • The US Wave of Philosophic Movement
  • The Philosophical Judgments of the Christians
  • Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophers
  • Neurophilosophy & Psychology

How do draft sample nursing philosophy papers?

One more thing you need to understand as a nursing student is how to develop a philosophy paper example. An example or template speeds up the writing process. You can always browse online to discover great samples written and published by great philosophers. If you still struggle with writing a quality paper, you might as well select an author from a reliable writing website to help you write an original piece.

Personal nursing philosophy examples

Florence Nightingale is a renowned nursing author who helped develop a foundational philosophy of nursing that is still functioning today. She advocated for change in healthcare institutions to use more advanced machinery to deliver healthcare services.

A philosophy of nursing only takes a few precise paragraphs. There are also exceptional nursing philosophies crafted by nursing students, such as: 

1)      Carolann McLawrence

“I strive to be an educator, an advocate, and a promoter of disease awareness, good health practices, and support strong family values within the community and the world.”

2)      Megan McGahan

“Nursing is more than treating an illness; rather, it is focused on delivering quality patient care that is individualized to the needs of each patient.”

3)      Brandi Dahlin

“My philosophy is that nurses are responsible to the public to provide safe, holistic, patient-centered care. I must remember that my patients are not room numbers or medical conditions, but individuals that require and deserve individualized attention and care.”

4)      Joanne de Guia-Rayos

“Knowing that I can apply my experience and contribute to a client’s recovery and wellness gives me a sense of personal pride, strengthening my commitment to this profession.”

How a personal nursing philosophy paper impacts your career?

Your nursing philosophy acts like a statue of your intrinsic beliefs and goals that guide your nursing career. Expressing your philosophy to the public gives you a deeper connection to what you believe in and serves as a reminder to achieve your goals. Writing a nursing philosophy paper will help advance your writing skills and knowledge, shaping you into the nurse you dreamt of becoming.

You can stand out from the other aspirants during your job interview by submitting your philosophy of nursing care paper. With you advancing in your career and gaining more experience, you can shape your philosophy using the updated concepts.

How to develop a personal philosophy of nursing as an intern

As a nursing intern, you will frequently learn new concepts and theories that you can use to upgrade your philosophy. Nursing is a program that requires commitment and motivation. Drafting the philosophy of nursing paper is your best option to stick to your goal without eroding your morals.

When you strive to deliver the best services daily, your personality traits function as your drivers. Making time to write your nursing philosophy paper will play an essential role in your emotional and mental health. Your values are crucial if you still have over forty years of service.

Most students consider drafting a nursing philosophy a waste of time, but it is a motivation factor for nurses in the real sense. It helps you showcase your passion and the type of nursing you will be as you advance in your career.

All in all

You do not have to be an intellectual to develop a mind-blowing nursing philosophy paper. If the guide did not help you write a nursing philosophy, we have another way out for you. We have the best online nursing writers, nurses, and professors with vast experience developing nursing philosophies.

We will help you become the next best nursing philosopher by delivering the nursing philosophy paper. Use our online nursing writing services to gain popularity in your school as the best student.

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