Posted: January 4th, 2023

How to write anursing argumentative essay assignment

You need more than an opinion to make your argumentative essay assignment stand out. If you don’t structure your paper and support your argument with solid evidence, you won’t do well in your paper. An argumentative essay assignment should include elements that will guide you to write for your target audience.How to write a nursing argumentative essay assignment:

Your assignment will require you to research extensively on a piece of literature or collect data through interviews, surveys, experiments, etc. Through the research, you will learn more about the topic, and help you understand the different points of view regarding the topic. You will then be able to choose a position and support it with evidence collected during the research.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that uses evidence and logical support to convince the reader to adopt a certain opinion. Though argumentative writing aims at persuading the reader, it relies on providing evidence from other sources in order to strongly support the argument.

An argumentative essay doesn’t have to be aggressive. You simply have to present sufficient research to support your claim while invalidating the other perspective. The goal is to show that your claim or thesis is the only logical conclusion.

An argumentative essay is only as good as its claim, and structuring a good argument needs more than just being combative in making a point. You will require to use techniques for writing the best argumentative essay.

Elements of an argumentative essay


It is crucial you determine your position in an argument you are taking, and express the reason why you took that stand


You should provide factual evidence of your reasons from outside resources. It is crucial you give citations and references to your evidence


Present the viewpoint of the other side. Issue your argument opposing from your viewpoint. Once you have stated these counterarguments, state why they are ineffective by providing more evidence.

Approaches to an argumentative essay

While you are meant to discredit another perspective, your argumentative essay should be objective in your approach. Your arguments should rely strongly on evidence and appeal to logic, not emotions.

There are different approaches to argumentative essays but the ones commonly used in outlining arguments. Classical, Toulmin, and Rogerian are the main models used.

Classical arguments approach

This is the commonly used model and it consists of the following.

  1. An introduction

This is where you introduce the thesis statement.

  1. The background of the subject

You introduce early studies about the subject matter and any long-term effects of the problem

  1. Main arguments

You talk about the main points of your position

  1. Refutation

Introduce the opposite side and offer counterarguments to invalidate their viewpoint

  1. Conclusion

Present all the main points and provide solutions that need to be impacted. You can also suggest studies that need to be conducted

Toulmin arguments approach

The Toulmin model is a style of argumentation that consists of six steps that will be repeated severally in an argument: claim, grounds, warrants, rebuttals, qualifier, and backing.

  1. Make a claim
  2. Provide the grounds or evidence for the claim
  3. Explain the warrant or how the grounds support the claim
  4. Discuss possible rebuttals to the claim by proofing your consideration of alternative perspectives
  5. Provide backing through any additional support of the warrant. Backing offers examples that justify the warrant
  6. Show that the claim may not be all true through a qualifier. Use words such as some, many, etc to indicate to the reader that there are some instances where you claim may not be true

A rebuttal and qualifier help build your credibility. By acknowledging that your claim may not be entirely true, you build an image of a careful thinker, a writer who is not focused to advocate for a single interpretation.

Rogerian arguments approach

Rogerian argument models aim at establishing a middle ground between parties with opposing points of view. This model of argument relies on compromising between parties only if the opponent is willing to compromise.

The Rogerian model or argument has no formalized structure. You can however follow the following foundation in structuring your argument

  1. Introduction; address the problem to be solved
  2. Opposing position; show that you under the opposing viewpoints
  3. The context for opposing positions by showing you understand the validity of their viewpoint
  4. Your position; introduce your point as it differs from the reader’s
  5. The context for your position; show the reader under which context your position is valid
  6. Benefits; appeal to the opposition by showing how they stand to benefit if they adopt your position

How to outline an argumentative essay

The structure of an argumentative essay should be straightforward so that the reader can follow it easily. The main goal of an argumentative essay is to outline a point of view, reasoning, and evidence clearly. A good argumentative essay should follow the following structure


The first sentence of your essay should outline the topic, and provide background information that will help the reader understand your argument. You should also outline the evidence you will provide and also state your thesis, which is the one-sentence summary that states your position of argument in the essay. A good thesis statement has the following characteristics:

  • Clearly supported by the rest of the paper through evidence provided
  • It should be precise and be clearly understood even before the reader has read the rest of the paper
  • It is not vague. A good thesis statement should express an arguable position

The body paragraphs

A typical argumentative essay compromises three or more paragraphs that explain the reason behind your thesis. Each paragraph in the body of your essay should cover a different piece of evidence and should have a topic sentence that explains clearly why the reader should side with your view or opinion.

It is in the body that you back your claims through the use of examples, statistics, research, and text citations. You should also address opposing views, discredit them, and explain why you choose your position over theirs.

Present facts and thoroughly scrutinize a topic in all ways possible as this will help you gain the reader’s trust as a credible source.


This should be the paragraph where you restate your thesis and offer a summary of your arguments. You should remind your reader of your stand and position on the subject without introducing new arguments. New facts in the conclusion will make your paper look incomplete. In longer essays, you can however discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your arguments.

You can choose to use your personal view of how the topic affects you as a way of concluding your essays. Most importantly, stress the relevance of your argument and ensure the reader remembers the content of your paper long after they are done reading by appealing to their emotions.

How to write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay

There are three steps to follow in writing a thesis statement. A thesis is the most important part of an argumentative essay. A thesis statement appears in the introduction, summarizes what your essay will be about, and prepares the reader for what is in the body of the essay. The following steps will help you get your points across.

  1. Make a question out of the topic and answer it

Set a question within the first few sentences of your essay then build up to answer it in your thesis statement. For example, your question can read, “what is the best mode of transport” and then answer with your thesis statement: “ The best mode of transport is air travel. ” This method is effective because questions are catchy as they draw the reader in as they wish to keep reading to find the answer to your question.

  1. State an argument and then disagree with it

Introduce an idea that is contrary to your belief and explain immediately why you disagree with it. For example: “ While some people believe the best mode of transport is air travel, it is expensive.” This method is effective as it is evidence-based and demonstrates your credibility.

  1. Outline your main points briefly

Introduce your main points and demonstrate how you will back them up. For example: “You can buy flight tickets on Sundays to save up to 35% compared to booking on other days.” The effectiveness of this method is mainly because it gives the reader a clear idea of what will be discussed in the essay.

Tips for developing an argumentative essay

  1. Select a topic that appeals to you and one that is arguable

Ensure your topic is neither too broad nor too limited. Have clear goals for your paper and define its purpose. Have in mind the opinion, view, or idea you want to prove. Before you begin writing your essay, articulate your purpose clearly.

Is your topic bout an issue you have experience in? let your voice be heard in order for you to convince your audience.

  1. Form your thesis statement by taking a position on your topic

Your thesis must be arguable. Ensure that there is a probability of truth in it. You should however show your reader that there is a probability it may not be entirely true. Provide a statement with which people can disagree. A thesis should include observation and an opinion

  1. Know your audience

Plan your paper with your audience in mind. Who is your reader? Are the opponents of your view? In case you don’t know who your audience is, direct your argument to a general audience.

  1. Have convincing evidence

In order to have a strong essay, you need to support your arguments with evidence. Often evidence can be reasons supporting the main points or answers to a question. To make your arguments successful, support them with evidence.

  1. Draft your essay

Just like it is the case with every piece of writing, daft your argumentative essays by ensuring you;

  • Present your evidence logically
  • You deal with the opposing point of view
  • Ensure the structure of your essay suits your topic and target audience
  • Include proper transition
  1. Edit your draft

Once you have a drafted copy of your essay, assume the readers’ position. Evaluate the paper carefully. You can have someone read it to get their feedback and revise it based on feedback and response. By editing, you will be able to tell; what your thesis is, whether you have provided enough evidence and if the structure you have used is suitable for the topic and audience.

Once you start writing, narrow down your research to a specific topic preferably 3-4 pages. While a broad topic seems ideal, is more difficult to develop fully than a specific idea that is more efficient.

Types of argument claims

After taking a position on the topic and establishing your thesis statement, consider how you will preset your arguments. There are 5 different types of argument claims you can use in your essay

  1. Claims of value
  2. Claims of facts
  3. Claims of policy
  4. Claims of cause
  5. Claims of definition

Claims of value

A claim of value is the importance of what you are doing. It takes a position on questions like: is it right or wrong? Is worth it or not? How do you determine how good or bad?

Claims of facts

Claims of facts question whether the statement is true or false. It makes an assertion on approving or disapproving something using factual evidence. Quality claims of facts need to be debatable. Use facts to back your claim up and evidence that is still debatable.

Claims of policy

A claim of policy argues that something should or should not be done in order to solve an issue. It takes a position on questions like: how can the problem be solved? What should be the future policy? What course of action should be pursued?

Regardless of the type of claim, you will normally combine different supports for the claim in order to write a logical argument, which includes, case studies, facts, and personal interviews.

Claims of cause

It focuses on the causes of the problem in the essay and the effects it has. More the questions it focuses on are: why did it happen? What are the possible short-term and long-term effects?

Claims of definition

Claims of definition require you to define your argument and use your personal interpretation of it. Its position is what is it? Is there a change in the meaning in different contexts?

Other ways through which you can support your evidence are through;

  • Personal experience
  • Factual information you have gathered during the course of your research
  • Testimonies for people who have an opinion on the matter
  • Opinion for experts in the subject matter
  • Statistics from reliable sources
  • Charts and graphs
  • Hypothetical examples

Choosing an argumentative essay topic

You know how to research, outline, and write your argumentative essay but choosing the perfect topic is a challenge. Many students struggle to find a topic that will get them high grades. You may be unsure of which topic to settle for. Below are tips on how to choose the best topic for your argumentative essay.

It is vital you choose a topic that inspires you. and one that has enough research sources. In order for your essay to be appealing, you have to analyze arguments and available evidence. An interesting topic without credible sources hardly performs well. Good sources for your research include;

  • Academic journals
  • Books
  • Credible Internet sources
  • Visual material
  • Legislative acts

Bear in mind that you will need to add quotations and references in your paper. You should, therefore, choose a topic that will allow you to do that. Here are the tips for choosing a topic for your argumentative essay.

  • Choose a topic you are passionate about and one on which you can give an opinion.
  • Chose topics that are debatable
  • Frame your topics as a problem which you aim to offer solutions
  • Choose an issue to write about
  • Consider your target audience, what they will think about the topic, and if it would be an interesting choice for them
  • Ensure you have enough facts and evidence to support you’re your arguments and counterarguments
  • Try controversial topics

Topics to avoid

  • Avoid any topic that is emotionally charged. It will be difficult to argue with a clear mind rather than logically or acknowledge arguments from the opposing side
  • Avoid issues that have been argued for years without resolve eg, capital punishment, abortion gay marriage, etc.
  • Topics that are too obvious like the dangers of drug abuse.
  • Tropics that are vague
  • Topics that are used by everyone
  • Topics that are your personal evaluation like your best holiday destination

What to include in your argumentative essay assignment sheet

While presenting an assignment, you have to adhere to the rules of composing an assignment sheet by providing vital information like your name, course number, university specifics, and so on.

Each assignment sheet is different depending on each particular course. There are however basic rules that must be checked and a student you are expected to know.  The assignment sheet is the first impression factor. Ensure that it is done properly in terms of style or format.

Ensure that nothing is missing from the sheet as this is an indication that you are not focused. Such a mistake can impact your final grade in a negative way.

What does the title page of your assignment sheet contain

Rules differ from one institution to another, however, there are obligatory parts that will be met in almost all institutions. You may be asked to flow the MLA header format with the name and the title written on the left top part of the page and still create a separate cover page. The cover page includes the following elements in this order.

  • Assignment title. This is your name part and it takes the central part of the page.
  • Student’s name. this is your name as it appears on the student’s card. You may also include your academic advisor’s name if need to. your registration number or any other details may be mentioned
  • Academic details. You should provide your academic information like your professor’s name, class name, and subject name. details of the paper, and section number
  • The date and signature. Always provide the current date according to the format and style. There are instances where you may be required to include a handwritten signature

Argumentative essay topics

For your argumentative essay to succeed, you need to choose a topic that is not too general to argue. There are many areas you can choose a topic that will be unique and stand out for you to write an effective paper. Choose areas like politics, climate changes, religion, gender issues, culture, education, etc.

Find a controversial topic to argue against. Your essay should include well-researched facts that will support your claim.

What are controversial topics?

These are topics arising from conflicting ethical principles such as euthanasia, going against traditional values like gender roles, societal taboos, etc.

Argumentative essay examples include;

Argumentative essay topics about family cl

Family as a fundamental unit of society makes up for a wide area to base your research on from psychological, cultural, and sociological aspects.

  • Should a parent discipline a child physically
  • Should homosexuals adopt children
  • Are there long-term negative effects of corporal punishment
  • Does a single-parent household have any impact on the development of a child
  • Does a two-parent house have any impact on the growth of a child

Societal argumentative essay topics

Society defines an individual in different ways. It plays a role in shaping personalities. Society goes through different changes and this offers a good place to base your research topic.

  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • What is your view on euthanasia for a terminally ill person
  • What are the effects of globalization
  • How should the issue of immigration be handled
  • What are the effects of diversity in the workplace

Ethics argumentative essay topics

The challenge of making the right decisions based on a moral standpoint is crucial while discussing conflicting issues. This is an area that you can choose to research on

  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should a doctor deny a patient medication because they are unable to pay
  • Should drug use be legalized
  • Should the death penalty be illegal
  • Should torture ever be allowed
  • Is animal testing morally

Psychology argumentative essay topics

As a psychology student, you need to find a topic that is relevant to your field of study. Research and use analytical skills to write an essay backing it up with factual evidence.

  • What are the psychological effects of cyberbullying
  • What are the effects of social media on children
  • Reasons why development growth in a country does not boost citizen’s happiness
  • What are the effects of social interactions on people suffering from addiction?
  • What are the causes of procrastination?
  • How do family relationships affect behavior patterns in children

Argumentative essay topics in education

  • Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling
  • Should parents have an active role in the education of their children
  • Should special needs children be taught separately from other children
  • Between teacher-centered and student-centered systems of education, which is better
  • Does the use of computers benefit the educational process
  • Should students be required to wear a uniform

Economics argumentative essay topics

A strong economy is essential for the development of a nation. If you have an interest in economics there are many topics you can research ranging from policies on economic development to causes of an economic crisis.

  • Is buying shares speculation or investment
  • What is the role of Singapore in the global market
  • Development history of online trading
  • Is cryptocurrency the future of fad
  • Which among capitalism and socialism economic system is better for the society
  • What is the role of big data in the economic sector

Sports argumentative essay topics

Whether you are a sports fan or not, you can still choose this field for your argumentative essay. Choose your position and ensure that you have a clear idea of your thesis statement

  • Is racism still present in football
  • Football is too violent to be played by children
  • Too much money is spent on college football
  • Animal sports should be criminalized
  • Do concussion roles in NFL spoil the game
  • So elite players deserve huge salaries

Technology argumentative essays

Technology is vital in everyday life and the field is dynamic, and it keeps changing. Below are topics you can choose from for your argumentative essay

  • Is technology causing creative limitations among young people
  • What are the effects of technology on education
  • Should cloning be allowed or banned
  • Is technology making people smart or dumper
  • Is technology the opposite of nature
  • Is technology limiting human interactions

Social media argumentative essay topics

Different social media platforms have gained popularity around the world. This is an area that you can get great topics from as factors like, privacy and safety are issues that arise from the use of social media

  • What are the effects of spending too much time on social media
  • What are the aspects of social media that should be advocated against
  • What are the benefits of social media
  • Should social media platforms be monitored and controlled
  • Should children be allowed to own social media accounts
  • Should parents limit and monitor their children’s social media accounts

Bottom line

In the course of your nursing studies, you may be required to write a nursing argumentative essay assignment on either a specific topic or a subject of your choice. It is very important you familiarize yourself with how to research, structure, and write a perfect paper.

What is crucial in writing an argumentative essay assignment is that you need to choose the position from which you will base your arguments. Counterarguments are also very crucial because it is from them you will try to convince the reader to adopt your viewpoint. Support your arguments with factual evidence and cite references for you to be credible and gain the trust of your reader.

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