Posted: December 19th, 2022

How to write an essay on ethics simple guide

Writing an essay on ethics requires more than just an interesting topic. You must have a vast knowledge of the topic and excellent writing skills. Using relevant content will help you write a quality essay on ethical dilemmas. Your paper must also have an organized structure that includes all necessary elements to articulate your ideas clearly. 

This article will shed more light on the elements of ethical essays and discuss the various steps to writing an essay on ethics. Get more insights on the features to include in your paper from our article below. You can also entrust our essay writers with your essay on work ethics. Let’s begin by discussing the different elements of an essay on ethics. 

Different aspects to consider when writing essays on ethics

Academic writing is a broad field that exposes students to essential skills such as interpretation, clarification, reflection, and analysis. Essay writing is among the academic tasks that allow students to develop these skills. Essays on ethical issues are some of the tasks you will encounter in your academic journey. 

When writing an essay on ethical leadership, you will distinguish between right and wrong moral issues. Such ethical and moral concepts then underpin the significance of proper behavior. In working environments, you can establish codes of ethics and conduct to guide behavior in different settings. When writing an ethics paper, you should concentrate on how people adopt or overlook good societal morals.

1.      Describing features of your ethics research paper

An ethics paper has unique characteristics that distinguish it as an academic text. These characteristics impact the essay structure of a paper to some degree. The first crucial feature is evidence of a topic’s significance. 

In this case, you will demonstrate this significance by establishing and discussing essay topics as challenging societal issues. The second feature is a thesis statement, which philosophy students create to shed light on a topic. Another important feature is arguments that support your thesis statement.

The fourth feature is the counterarguments to help you have different points of view. The fifth feature is a rebuttal, in which writers emphasize the strengths of their arguments while acknowledging the counterarguments. The sixth characteristic, in turn, is a summary of an ethics paper. You will emphasize a thesis statement in this section by justifying the arguments in its favor that they present in a written document.

2.      What makes an ethics paper unique from other essays?

Under the field of philosophy, you must complete a series of essays. All these essays have distinguishing features that differentiate them from other papers. Discussing an ethical topic, using an ethical concept to argue about a controversial topic, or describing an ethical dilemma are all characteristics of an ethics essay. 

This type of paper should focus on expounding on ethics and morality. A descriptive essay focuses on narrating the writer’s story, whereas an informative essay concentrates on educating the audience about a topic. Other papers, such as narrative or college application essays, use first-person language, while an ethics essay employs formal, third-person language.

3.      How to evaluate situations where your students need to write an ethics paper 

Before writing any type of paper, students should generally consider their department’s or instructor’s instructions. These specifications can provide essential instructions, such as a discussion topic, an ethics essay outline, or a grading rubric. In this case, the latter assists students in comprehending the fundamental expectations of educational departments or tutors. 

Even without the instructions, students can always determine the type of essay they must write by browsing through the grading rubric requirements. These prompts for ethics essays require students to take a position on an issue with fundamental ethical or moral implications, like a fraud. The essential components that guide students on how to write an essay on ethics by presenting an ethical argument, delving into ethical issues, or emphasizing ethical and legal implications.

4.      How to understand the procedure to follow in your ethics paper using your discussion topic

When writing essays, it is always important to consider the instructions provided by departments or tutors. These instructions are essential as they guide you in discussing your college essay topics. You can also determine whether you need to write an ethics paper by following the instructions provided by your department or tutor’s topic.

This ethics topic requires you to provide ethical arguments about your discussion topic, explain the ethical issues, or state whether an issue is ethical or legal. Your main points should examine an issue from an ethical or moral point of view.

5.      Understanding the meaning of the ethical issue, dilemma, and legal impacts

An ethics essay’s essential components include ethical issues, dilemmas, and legal effects. For instance, the term “ethical arguments” refers to taking a position and supporting it on a topic with ethical and moral impacts. In this case, you use ethical arguments to support your positions on a topic that raises ethical or moral concerns, like embezzlement. 

The phrase “ethical dilemma” refers to a situation in which people find themselves when confronted with an issue that raises ethical or moral concerns, like bribery. You might find yourself stranded on two options, one of which has serious ethical or moral implications. The term “ethical versus legal implications” refers to a situation in which you must determine whether an issue, such as bribery, requires ethical or legal redress.

What is the structure of an ethics paper?

An ethics paper is similar to other essays as it follows a structure that emphasizes an ethics essay outline. This structure is divided into three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. As a nursing student, you must follow all the essential features mentioned above when writing your healthcare ethics essay.

You should ensure that the introduction and conclusion parts account for 10% of your total word count, while the body, or main text, accounts for 80%. Below is the format you should use when writing your essay on nursing ethics:

1.      Introduction

  • Sentence with a hook
  • Background context for an ethical issue
  • A thesis statement mentioning your main points

2.      Body paragraphs

Main arguments

  • Express an argument’s viewpoint
  • Provide evidence to back up your claim
  • Explain how this evidence is correct in relation to your argument and evidence
  • Explain why this argument is correct


  • In your first body paragraph, you should provide a counterargument to a position
  • Include points that support this counterargument, which is in opposition to the previous section’s argument
  • Using an opposing viewpoint, explain how this paragraph’s counterargument and facts are accurate
  • Explain why this counterargument is appropriate for your case


  • Define the flaws of a counterargument
  • Discuss credible points that support such weaknesses
  • Write about how these weaknesses convey a counterargument that is irrelevant
  • Complete with a statement explaining why a counterargument is invalid in comparison to an argument

3.      Conclusion

  • State your thesis
  • Provide a summary of the argument, counterargument, and rebuttal
  • Make a final assertion

Relevant sections to consider when writing your ethical essay

When writing your essay on medical ethics, you should ensure you properly organize your paper. You must adhere to a simple ethics essay structure to help your instructor easily read your paper. Your main objective is to present an ethical dilemma and provide sound reasoning in logical order. A quality ethics paper should have an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion.

1.      Introduction

The first paragraph of your ethics paper should include a concise overview of the topic and some background knowledge that will rationally relate to the argument. You should also outline the supporting evidence and state your thesis when writing an introduction.

2.      Thesis statement

A thesis is a one-sentence overview of your main points. This sentence should summarize your main point to help your readers know immediately whether it’s worth their time. It limits the number of options available to a writer. 

A well-written thesis will assist you in maintaining your focus on the discussion topic in a broad field like ethics. Make an effort to write a clear and informative thesis. Remember that each point should be directly related to the thesis statement.

3.      Body paragraphs

A typical ethics essay has three body paragraphs that encompass your main ideas on the moral concern. Each body paragraph should concentrate on a different point or example. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that explains why the reader should accept a specific point. 

Use this section to discuss the topic from opposing viewpoints and then refute counterarguments. Investigating an ethical issue from various perspectives and supporting facts ensures credibility and reader trust.

4.      Conclusion

The conclusion of your ethical paper should summarise the thesis statement and clarify all of the points discussed in the body paragraphs. Your ideal conclusion should convey emotions rather than present new concepts. An excellent method to conclude an ethics essay is with a subjective opinion on the moral issue and how it affects you.

Final remarks

Essay writing is an important academic exercise that allows you to improve your writing skills. As a nursing student, you should focus on taking a position on an issue related to the essay on ethical dilemmas in nursing. In this case, you should develop a thesis statement that expresses your viewpoint on a moral issue, such as an ethical dilemma. You should also provide arguments in the main text to support your thesis statements. 

When writing an essay on nursing ethics, it is important to follow the tips highlighted in this article. If you get stuck with your essay, you can seek online writing help. At, we have competent writers to help you write an essay on virtue ethics.

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