Posted: January 4th, 2023

How to Write a Nursing School Essay

A nursing school essay is a vital part of the nursing school curriculum and mastering how to write sets you on the path to becoming an elite nurse in the future. Be it a nursing school application, admission, entrance, or essay. You need to master how to write it. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about a nursing school essay with relevant examples included.

What Is a Nursing School Essay?

Nursing school essays are academic essays on nursing topics meant to prove your knowledge during the admission process to nursing school or when enrolled in a nursing program. Nurses who want to advance their careers and highlight any noteworthy obstacles or uncommon events should know how to write an essay on nursing.

Essays like this one are written for a professional audience, unlike the conventional academic papers students are expected to write in high school or other formal academic settings. Essays written for school or for a professional nursing journal must adhere to a different set of guidelines. But first, take a look at a nursing school essay format whether it is a nursing application essay or as part of your studies.

Nursing school essay format

A nursing school essay is one of the essential planning tools when a student gets down to write an essay or any academic writing. A nursing school essay format is vital since it helps students organize their essays logically, well-researched, and content-based. With a nursing essay format, you can also visualize the data you are collecting and plan out your final paper.

As you undertake the research, you need to collect the necessary data to fill up the essential parts of your essay and take note of the citations.

Keep in mind that the nursing school essay format is there to help you take complete control of the trajectory of your nursing essay. Take a look at the idea of the nursing school essay format.

Introductory paragraph

Hook statement

Theoretical framework

Thesis statement

Transition sentence

Body paragraph 1

A topic sentence about the first subtopic or supporting the claim

Evidence, data, and facts

Transition to the second body paragraph

Body paragraph 2

A topic sentence about the second subtopic or supporting the claim

Evidence, data, and facts

Transition to the third body paragraph

Body paragraph 3

A topic sentence about the third subtopic or supporting the claim

Data, evidence, and facts

Transition to the conclusion


An outline of the main ideas

Reiterate the thesis statement

Bottom Line thoughts

Once you’ve figured out the basic structure of an essay, the task of writing one becomes a lot less daunting. However, despite the more official tone and vocabulary of a nursing school essay, they still adhere to the five-paragraph essay structure. An introduction is followed by three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

The number of body paragraphs in a nursing school essay might range from one to as many as necessary, based on the word count.

Nursing school essay tips

Before you get down on how to write a personal essay for nursing school, here are nursing school essay tips.

Make your nursing essay easier to read

Since most nursing essays will have to be graded, professors are likely to skim through essays to have a rough idea of what the students are talking about and if they have adhered to the writing guidelines. If you want to score that A, you will need to find a way of structuring your essay whereby the crucial points are easily noticeable by the reader and are communicating your ideas well. Avoid fluff and stick to the main points.

Use a thesis statement in your introduction

A thesis statement is a crucial part of the introduction and your nursing school essay, and neglecting it is academic suicide. The thesis statement announces the central concept of the essay in a few sentences. However, this does not mean that your thesis statement should be the opening statement. It should be the last part of your introduction since its primary role is to transition to the main body of your essay.

Use Transitions Between Paragraphs

Your paragraphs shouldn’t sound like pieces of sections just punched together. Your essay should be coherent and smooth and guide the reader from points A to B. This is why you should use transitions that will help you connect each paragraph with the preceding one. They are the bridge between sections.

Do Cite relevant Examples

A nursing school essay is not complete without relevant examples. If you give any examples, be sure to cite any literature or scientific works used. Only information that is common knowledge should not be cited. You do not need a citation if you want to add information that you might have experienced.

Discuss Literature in the Present Tense

Whenever you write a nursing school essay centered on literary works, you should always use present tense or narrative. This makes the essay touchy, engaging, and authentic.

Use new vocabulary

When your professor reads through your nursing school essay, they are not looking for your knowledge of the topic. There is no better way to express your mastery of the topic than by using new and advanced vocabulary and expressing your language mastery. Instead of using normal words like good, use more advanced vocabulary to show that your choice of words reflects your expertise in the topic.

Stick to the required style and format

Be it APA, MLA, or any other formatting structure; the professors will want to see the appropriate formatting style and structure. A perfect essay is not entirely about the appropriate format and style hoover, the style and format influence a great deal on the first impression of your paper. So make sure you strictly adhere to the required style and format.

Proofread your essay

After you are done writing your essay, proofread your paper and remove all the mistakes, poor sentence structure, and typos. All check for formatting structures if you have followed the guidelines set by your instructor.

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Write a Winning Nursing Application Essay

Writing a nursing application essay is not everyone/s cup of tea. Although some people possess high-quality writing skills, others do not have them. And if you are amongst the few who don’t have the necessary writing skills, you do not need to worry. Writing a nursing application essay should not be as challenging as you might have been made to believe.

High writing skills do not necessarily mean that you are an expert nurse or you are going to excel in nursing school; however, a poorly written nursing school application essay can determine whether you will get into nursing school or not. And a perfect nursing application essay will mean that you land yourself in a nursing school of your choice. This is because the admission board will always discard poorly written nursing school application essays no matter what.

Avoid Being Intimidated

Creating an outline and writing drafts may seem intimidating. However, this does not have to be the case. A rough draft is nothing more than a collection of words that capture your stream of consciousness. When you’re creating a draft, don’t sweat the small stuff like language, organization, or transitions.

For a reason, it is referred to as a rough draft. The objective is to organize your thoughts, ideas, and even emotions and to give them a voice. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll realize that making corrections, correcting grammar and spelling, and removing imprecise, superfluous, or inappropriate words or phrases becomes second nature. Traditionally, writers did this by hand. Today’s technology makes it surprisingly simple to modify on the fly, with little effort.

However, one thing that technology cannot do is improve poor writing.

Carefully follow the instructions

The essay serves as a screening test. Applicants who do not adequately follow instructions are quickly weeded out of the mix. This makes sense when considering the critical nature of following directions and being on track in nursing school.

And make no mistake, keeping abreast of your workload, meeting standards, and meeting deadlines will be critical to your success. If you do not stay abreast with your responsibilities during nursing school, it is far too easy to get sucked behind—and never keep pace.

Nursing school essay tips

If the desired length of your essay is not specified, presume that no more than two pages of text should be submitted. If you have been designated a certain subject, make certain you mention it, even if you merely use it as a jumping-off point for your essay.

Avoid Procrastination

Writing a good essay may take longer than you anticipate. As a result, it is essential to give ample time to the writing of your nursing school essay. If you’re an expert writer, you should understand that writing a flawless essay will take considerable time, research, drafting, revising, and rewriting.

It may be beneficial to begin by creating an outline. However, avoid overthinking things. To be honest, writing that comes from the heart—rather than the head—is frequently the most captivating writing available. However, even the most sincere feelings require some effort to shine on the page. Clarity of expression and attention to detail are critical.

Customize It to Your Taste

Steer clear of the obvious, the predictable, and the commonplace. Understand that practically every applicant will be inclined to convey certain thoughts. Avoid the expected and try something new. That is not to say you should be unique for the sake of being unique. However, there is considerable value in providing something that 100 other writers have not already mentioned.

Take the opportunity to write an introductory line or paragraph that is powerful and intriguing. It is the most critical sentence or pair of sentences in any piece of writing. To have the greatest impact, you must hook your reader early on.

You are unique, as are your experiences

Take the risk and expose a portion of your soul in your essay. The majority of nursing school essays are uninteresting to the point of becoming generic. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your writing. As said before, writing from the heart is generally more engrossing than soulless writing that looks to adhere to a formula. Let your nursing school essay tell a tale: your story. Keep it concise and truthful. Nothing is more persuasive.

Nursing school application essay

Children Nursing Personal Statement

I was introduced to the duty and care of Nurses from my early youth due to a series of illnesses and injuries. At this point, I became intrigued and realized this would be a rewarding future outlet for my empathic side. Nurses, in my opinion, are truly exceptional professionals. They contribute to society while working in a highly demanding and demanding vocation, aiding individuals and their families through times of crisis. I believe I am prepared to begin this job and pursue my desire to become a children’s nurse.

Nursing, I believe, is a job in which I will flourish due to my compassion for the most vulnerable people. My capacity for empathy would foster a positive nurse-patient relationship, putting the child and family at rest and allowing the family to seek me for assistance and direction, thereby meeting the child’s and family’s particular needs. Self-confidence is critical in a nursing career, in my opinion. Self-confidence is vital when working under duress and in stressful conditions to deliver high-quality service. Nursing may be a challenging profession with frequent exposure to distressing situations.

My past education influenced my decision to seek this vocation significantly. I have worked with children and families from various walks of life throughout my four work placements in primary schools, preschool nurseries, and children’s centers. During my first two internships in elementary schools, I assisted children aged four to five who required additional assistance in the classroom with their education. I worked with children who had intellectual challenges and thus progressed at a slower rate than other children; seeing them thrive was tremendously fulfilling. Having studied child development throughout this placement has aided my personal growth in the capacity to establish a trust-based relationship, which I believe is critical in the nursing industry. I have dealt with challenging behavior and have a firm grasp of and respect for each child’s unique needs and issues. As a result, I’ve empowered each child and family to get a tailored treatment that helps each child attain their most significant potential.

Placements played a significant role in my decision to become a child’s nurse since assisting children in achieving success has provided numerous benefits. Seeing their positive outlook and self-esteem grow has given me joy and a sense of pride that I was able to assist children in reaching their current level of achievement. My current position is in a children’s center for at-risk children and their families. This has also encouraged me because my position as a family supporter is something I adore, and witnessing parents bond with their children with my assistance and support is enormously satisfying. Supporting disadvantaged parents in their parenting roles needs collaboration and adaptation; I have always been a great team member and have taken on leadership roles; I feel at ease in this atmosphere.

My subsequent placement at the Megan Baker House, where I will assist in providing conductive education to children with motor disorders and promoting independence for children with a wide variety of life-changing disabilities, will expose me to the daily challenges faced by the individual child and the family. Being able to assist and support each affected people through one-on-one work at a time when each family is at its most vulnerable is something I believe will be tremendously fulfilling and a dream I hope to pursue shortly.

These experiences have provided me with a tremendous sense of fulfillment and strengthened my ambition to become a pediatric nurse.

Nursing School personal essay sample

In each given culture, the greatest and most pressing priority is preserving the nation’s health. A healthy society is one in which members are content, motivated, and productive. Rapid access to high-quality healthcare services improves the quality of life for each member of society and adds to the global population’s well-being and, as a result, to global progress. The link between health and prosperity is self-evident and unmistakable. Thus, for the United States of America and the rest of the civilized world, an effective healthcare system has become a source of national pride because in the twenty-first century, along with qualitative changes in the world’s living conditions, the quality of life and health have taken on new significance.

Technological advancement has evolved into a 21st-century miracle. It brought about developments that were unfathomable to prior generations. It elevated society’s ties and interactions to an entirely new level. Each facet of life has been impacted by technology. Healthcare is no different. Not only have new equipment and treatment options appeared in medicine, but the service provided by healthcare practitioners and their relationships with patients have also changed significantly. At the moment, a new mindset should be developed: “We must transition from a health care system centered on illness to one centered on wellness and prevention” (Salmond and Echevarria). Throughout history, nursing has been connected with compassion and kindness. To a significant extent, this link is warranted, as nurses have been a segment of the population since ancient times, contributing their energy and efforts to improving the well-being of those in need. Since nursing became a respected and valuable profession, the connection between nurses and patients has changed on occasion. A distinctive feature of contemporary nursing is that the emphasis has changed away from duty and toward becoming a friend to the patient. Currently, patients have a great deal more choice in therapy techniques. Patients are no longer passive victims of illness but active participants in their care.

With the creation of a new collective consciousness of leadership and its application in all spheres of life, both professional and personal, nursing practice has been impacted by this new ideology. Historically, nurses were wholly dependent on physicians’ judgments and served as passive providers of essential services to preserve a patient’s health and promote rapid recovery. Today’s nurse is a self-sufficient and autonomous participant in healthcare practice. Many of the decisions made by nurses about treatment regimens for individual patients are made on their initiative. “Self-initiatives are efforts to strengthen state and local management competency and decision-making” (Guevara and Mendias). The advancement of education and preparation for nursing practice and more lucid policies governing nursing operations catapulted the nursing profession to a new level. Nurses are considerably more driven today because they accept responsibility, which provides them with a sense of purpose. There is no more gratifying experience than realizing that one’s personal choices, knowledge, and actions have contributed to another human being’s well-being.

The Bottom Line

A nursing school essay should highlight your expertise in the nursing subject. It should provide a good narrative that will help the instructor understand your level of expertise in the issue and how well you can articulate what you have learned in their program. Writing a nursing school essay has never been easy, but you will be satisfied with your job when you have finished writing your paper. The tips and samples listed above should get you started ASAP.

But if you still find it hard to handle nursing school essays, be sure to speak to our experts.

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