Posted: June 1st, 2018

How do Korea’s neighbors, typically, China, Japan and Russia, respond to the summit?

Today (On April 27, 2018), you have just witnessed history: the remarkable day-long summit between North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. This could be a first step to bring to an end of a Cold War relic in East Asia. Please write a two-single-spaced-page essay to address the following questions.

1.Panmunjeom: They met in ‘Peace House’ at Panmunjeom. Why did they choose this place? What happened here in 1953? What countries were represented in 1953?

2.Achievements: What major achievements came out of the summit? Do you think they are temporary or lasting? Why?

3.Responses: How did the United States view this summit? How do Korea’s neighbors, typically, China, Japan and Russia, respond to the summit? Were they positive or negative?

4.Winners or losers: Could there be any winners or losers? If so, what countries / individual leaders could be a winner or a loser? Why? [In other words, who should get the credit for bringing Kim and Moon together? Trump, Xi or anybody else. Please elaborate. Which countries / leaders could be a victim of this reconciliation?]

5.Symbolism is important in political observation. What symbols have you noticed as important in this summit? Why are they important to you?

Citation and Submission Requirements:

1.To avoid plagiarism, use your own words to explain the event.

2.Cite your sources properly. At least 3 sources are required.

3.Use APA style.

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