Posted: December 20th, 2022

Health promotion: definition and topics

The need for health promotion is increasing in the current world. This has led to the study of the issue in schools, especially for nursing and medicine students. If you have been assigned a health promotion essay to write but have no idea where to start, worry not. This article discusses health promotion and topics to write about in an essay or research paper.

What is health promotion?

Health promotion is the process of empowering people to exert more control over and make improvements to their health. It shifts away from emphasizing personal behavior and toward various societal and environmental interventions.

Health promotion assists governments, groups, and individuals in coping with and addressing health concerns as a fundamental component of public health. Building sound public policies, fostering positive settings, and enhancing community engagement and individual abilities are ways to achieve this. In the Western Pacific Region, health promotion focuses on:

  • Enhancing the equipment and funding for health promotion
  • Improving urban health, such as by supporting Urban Hearts and healthy cities
  • Creating additional healthy environments (such as healthy workplaces and schools) and healthy territories
  • Improvement of health literacy

Development of health promotion

The Commonwealth and state governments’ commitment to the preventative plan during the past few years has been crucial for health promotion. This is a result of significant developments that have led to a rise in chronic diseases.

This includes demographic changes (population increase and aging) and lifestyle changes. All levels of administration view prevention as essential because chronic illness is on the rise and will remain to influence the health service. The main guidelines for health promotion concur that:

  • Planning, transportation, and environmental sustainability are just a few examples of how other government policies have an impact on health
  • If transformation is to be successful, collaborations across all tiers of government, non-governmental organizations, the health industry, commerce, and the public at large are required

Health promotion strategies

Here are the health promotion and disease prevention strategies as laid down in the Ottawa charter for health promotion;

  1. Advocate

Good health is a critical quality of life and a vital instrument for social, economic, and personal growth. Health can be benefited or harmed by elements in the economic, political, social, cultural, environmental, behavioral, and biological spheres. By promoting health, health promotion seeks to improve these circumstances.

  1. Enable

Equity in health is the primary goal of health promotion policies. For everyone to reach their highest fitness level, health promotion programs seek to minimize disparities in present health conditions and guarantee the availability of equitable resources and opportunities. This comprises a strong foundation in a welcoming setting, information access, life skills, and chances to make healthy decisions. People can’t reach their maximum health potential until they can control the factors that affect them. It must be valid for both men and women.

  1. Mediate.

The healthcare system cannot, on its own, guarantee the conditions and possibilities for health. Authorities, the healthcare sector, other economic and social sectors, non-governmental and volunteer organizations, local governments, businesses, and the media must all work together to promote health.

Health promotion activities

  1. Building healthy public policy

Legislation, budgetary restrictions, taxation, and organizational reform are a few varied but complementary strategies that make up health promotion policy. Creating strategies to overcome obstacles to implementing healthful public procedures in non-health sectors is necessary for promoting health policy.

  1. Creating a supportive environment

Any strategy for health promotion practice must consider the preservation of the built and natural surroundings and the protection of natural resources.

  1. Strengthening community action

Social development depends on existing people and material resources to improve consciousness and support networks and create flexible structures for enhancing widespread engagement in and control of health matters. In addition to financial support, this calls for complete and ongoing access to health-related information and educational opportunities. Actions must be taken to improve community health promotion.

  1. Development of personal skills

It is crucial to give people the tools they need to prepare appropriately for life’s various stages and how to deal with chronic illnesses and injuries. This needs to be supported in the home, workplace, community, and school contexts.

  1. Reorienting health services

Beyond its obligation to provide clinical and therapeutic services, the health sector’s mission must expand to include health promotion. Health research must also receive more focus to reorient health services, and expert training and education must shift.

  1. Looking into the future

When creating a health promotion model, considerations of compassion, holistic thinking, and ecology are crucial. Females and males should participate equally in the planning, executing, and assessing of health promotion initiatives.

Health promotion topics

Top ten health promotion topics to write about

  1. What are the health risks posed by air pollution?
  2. Why is maintaining nature a requirement for health?
  3. Antimicrobial resistance patterns
  4. Communicable and non – infectious Diseases Risk Factors
  5. The primary goal of occupational medicine
  6. Is low nutrition a sign of anemia?
  7. Is gambling an addiction?
  8. Is it possible to manage animal CCHF infection?
  9. How to lower the possibility of pneumonia
  10. Congenital abnormalities’ effects on social interaction
  11. Describe the health promotion theory

Mental health promotion health topics

How we think and behave is primarily influenced by our mental health. It consequently influences how we behave. Our thoughts encounter many obstacles in our fast-paced society. Depression and other stress-related diseases like burnout are pretty prevalent. But the field of mental health is enormous. This area is for you if you’re interested in psychological health promotion

  1. How can eating issues in adults be treated?
  2. Look into the effects a mentally sick individual has on their family
  3. When is it appropriate to visit a psychiatrist?
  4. What kind of depression are there?
  5. Talk about the stigma that exists in your community about mental health issues
  6. How can depression be avoided?
  7. Why should society pay attention to the needs of those who are mentally ill?
  8. How can OCD affect the life of a patient?
  9. Look into what triggers anxiety problems
  10. Examine how HIV/AIDS and mental health are related
  11. Why do people suffer from psychological conditions?
  12. Discuss the use of medicine to treat mental health problems
  13. Describe the health promotion health diagnosis
  14. Seasonal Affective Disorder: What Is It?
  15. Describe the adverse effects of news reading

Health promotion ethical topics to write about

Medical ethics become relevant when we make ethical choices regarding our health. Morals can be founded on several different ideas. Family members, patients, and doctors all have various ethical responsibilities. The following is a list of 15 medical ethics controversial issues:

  1. Who should have the authority to decide a patient’s medical care?
  2. Should physicians be permitted to promote their services?
  3. Examine circumstances in which a doctor would be required to disregard a patient’s right to privacy
  4. What ethical issues are raised by alternative medicine?
  5. What should a physician do if patient declines care due to religious convictions?
  6. Write about the accessibility, inequity, and safety of healthcare
  7. Government initiatives to encourage women to have children are necessary
  8. Discuss any nutrition-related ethical issues
  9. Should the government compel physicians to practice in rural areas to ensure access to healthcare there?
  10. Should schools step in if kids engage in unruly behavior?
  11. What criteria does a doctor use to choose which individuals to treat when resources run low?
  12. When is it appropriate to terminate a life-sustaining treatment?

Child health promotion topics

The health of a child extends beyond only physical well-being. Equally important to their growth is providing for their social and emotional requirements. Children additionally need to have regular checkups. Here are 15 engaging subjects for talking about pediatric care when you’re interested;

  1. Look at what makes a child’s behavior stand out
  2. Should parents be concerned if their children have frequent nightmares?
  3. What part does a child’s education at school have in their health?
  4. How can you encourage your child to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  5. How can you entice your kid to work out?
  6. Children and healthy eating: a never-ending battle
  7. Consider how a nanny affects a child’s growth.
  8. Describe the origins of toddler sleeplessness
  9. How can a youngster with learning impairments be supported?
  10. Talk about how to administer medication to toddlers.
  11. What is the most effective technique to handle a feverish baby?
  12. Describe the best ways to encourage a positive body image and prevent childhood obesity.
  13. What issues are brought on by children’s improper eating?
  14. Children’s asthma and its effects
  15. What role does play have in a child’s development?

Senior health promotion topics

Seniors have unique health requirements. Poor hearing or vision is the main issue associated with aging. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to maintain good health at any age. Here is a list of 15 well-liked samples of senior health subjects;

  1. How can you keep in shape as you age?
  2. When is it appropriate to place someone in a nursing home?
  3. What effects might arthritis have on a person’s life?
  4. Describe coping mechanisms for memory loss
  5. Write about age-sensitive populations’ need for a nutritious diet.
  6. Look for ways that seniors can maintain ties to their neighborhood
  7. What are the views toward aging-related changes—both favorable and unfavorable?
  8. How can someone stop the decline of their mental faculties?
  9. Discuss the most prevalent psychological issues that affect elders
  10. Describe how to stop older people from falling
  11. Does growing older inevitably lead to a loss in health?
  12. What false beliefs about aging do members of the general population hold?
  13. Look for ways to ward off Alzheimer’s
  14. How does one successfully age?
  15. How can old age mental well-being be ensured?

Occupational health promotion topics to write about

Problems with occupational health do not just arise during physically demanding work. Any profession can impact your health. Long periods of desk work alone can result in serious ailments. The following themes for essays are all related to occupational health promotion:

  1. How can someone who has ongoing back issues get back to work?
  2. Why do occupational respiratory illnesses occur?
  3. Describe the safety measures that must be taken at a worksite
  4. Examine the causes of hearing issues at work
  5. What risks should employees be mindful of when working outside in the cold?
  6. What types of injuries are frequent among those who work in the service sector?
  7. How can burnout be avoided in highly stressful work environments?
  8. What tools are necessary for an office worker to ensure their long-term health?
  9. Look at the risks that could arise from working while pregnant.
  10. Talk about the risks of being exposed to germs in hospitals
  11. Consider the health concerns that miners experience
  12. How may carpal tunnel syndrome be avoided at work?
  13. How can lab safety be ensured in the chemical sector?
  14. How can employers support the mental health of their staff members?
  15. Examine the various kinds of safety gear for electricians

Personal health promotional essay topics

Your skincare regimen is simply one aspect of personal wellness. A healthy diet and frequent exercise are also included. You must look for your mental and emotional health if you want a healthy physique. Here are some common inquiries and suggestions for a personal health paper:

  1. What are the most effective techniques to handle stress?
  2. Is eating a plant-based diet better for you than eating meat?
  3. Examine the facets of well-being and diets
  4. How can insomnia be treated?
  5. What amount of exercise is excessive?
  6. How can a healthy lifestyle be ensured?
  7. Look into the various forms of well-being
  8. Examine the value of happiness
  9. What distinguishes well-being from good health?
  10. Talk about the negative consequences of caffeine
  11. Discuss historical and contemporary yoga practices
  12. How can meditations help you feel better?
  13. What health issues affect young people the most frequently today?
  14. How does wellness improve as a result of language learning?
  15. Examine the effects of lack of sleep

Global health promotion essay topics

The examination of health problems around the world is referred to as “global health.” This subject is the subject of international scientific research. Therefore, enhancing global health is the ultimate goal for health promotion in nursing practice. Here are some global health promotion essay topics;

  1. Analyze the impact of environmental change on health
  2. Determine the leading causes of cancer worldwide
  3. Examine the global implications of immunization
  4. Talk about the usual causes of epidemics
  5. What are the most critical global health challenges right now?
  6. Look at ways to lower drug abuse globally
  7. How does the WHO operate?
  8. What are the most significant organizations in global health?
  9. How can pandemics be avoided in the future?
  10. How can violence be avoided in all cultures?
  11. What nation has the best health in the world?
  12. Why is it essential that healthcare is available everywhere?
  13. Comparatively, analyze several pandemics
  14. What can we do to promote the health of the environment worldwide?
  15. The most important global health issues are pandemics, cancer, and climate change

To sum up

Congratulations on reading to the end. Now you know the health promotion definition, strategies and activities, and topics to write about when assigned an essay. If you still need help choosing a topic or writing a health promotion paper, reach out to We provide essay writing help to students across the globe at reasonable rates.

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