Posted: July 26th, 2016

the health information technology (HIT) systems life cycle.

Healthcare Informatics Systems Planning Paper Research the health information technology (HIT) systems life cycle. Select one broad category of healthcare technology, such as EHR database, or other, and describe the process of selecting a new product. Write a 1,050­ to 1,400­word paper based on your research that includes the following: ⢠The broad category of HIT chosen ⢠The four phases of the HIT systems life cycle and the activities that would be performed in each phase o Include a life cycle diagram of each phase. ⢠Key elements to be included in a needs assessment and the effects with other systems that may already be in use at the agency ⢠Key members of the steering committee and why they are important ⢠A strategy for selection of a product o Include general components of the information system to be evaluated. ⢠Potential training needs of your end users Research a minimum of four peer­reviewed sources to support your findings. Format your paper and reference list according to APA guidelines. I

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