Posted: December 12th, 2022

Gender Dysphoria Assessment Essay

Gender Dysphoria Assessment Essay

Describe your approach to an adolescent who was referred to you for suspected gender dysphoria. Describe how you would proceed with the Gender Dysphoria Assessment Essay clinical assessment, and be certain to emphasize key elements associated with sensitivity in the clinical interview.

Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is the mental stress accompanying the crisis an individual faces when there is discord between their biological sex and their gender identity (Bonifacio, 2019) Gender Dysphoria Assessment Essay. Approach to such an individual entails a good therapeutic rapport which instills confidence in the patient allowing their complete openness (Schulz, 2018). During the interview, the patient is allowed to discuss their expectations. A comprehensive patient history is important as it aids in the assessment of the most recent patient gender concerns. The history will elicit other aspects of the patient’s life such as their socio-economic status, alcohol and medication use which are important in the provision of a holistic patient evaluation (Bloom, 2021).


After the establishment of any gender concerns, a gender assessment will be carried out. Here, there is use of questionnaires that allow for the screening of the extent and range of issues the client faces. Questionnaires used include the Gender Identity Questionnaire, Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory, Transgender Identity Surveys among others (Bloom, 2021). Aspects of their identity and the stress levels gain an in-depth analysis at this point. The evaluation follows a stepwise fashion with a gender history being important as it will outline the cross-gender behavior, trans-identity development, dysphoria and presence or absence of support. Additionally, their psychosocial and cognition is evaluated to elicit any delusions a patient may present with that may be significant to the case (Bonifacio, 2019).

Sensitivity of the interview is determined by its ability to elicit the specific signs and symptoms that will guide a diagnosis as per the DSM-V. Gender Dysphoria Assessment Essay Gender identity gives the clinician a view of how the patient perceives themselves. Gender expression is another aspect that allows one to see the materialization of the patient’s gender identity through actions. Sensitivity is also enhanced through assessment of the patent’s sexuality, perception of others and support sources (Cooper, 2020).


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